Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting some recognition!

Well, kind of. I just received a blogging award. Kind of. I am not the biggest player on the internet, not even in the smaller world of nourishing bloggers, but the very lovely Kathy over at Mrs. Dull's Nourished Kitchen gave me The Liebster Award, see her post HERE. This award is a bit like a chain letter. Kathy gave it to five up and coming smaller bloggers and each of us will in turn give it to five others. It helps get the word out about great writing out there which has not yet seen its day in the sun. I have to tell you, and the world, I feel a little divided on what to do. Firstly, it is intended to be for bloggers with fewer than 200 regular followers. My page shows my Google connects at eighty-some-odd but my subscribers are over 300 so I might not be the best choice but it was not readily apparent. But I have only been blogging for a little over a year and only broke 100K total page views in March so I am going to run with the ball. So, here are my five winners in no particular order:

Hopeful Homesteader This blog is really new to me, but it is really new to everybody because she just started blogging this year. She is exploring sustainability and real food and is honest about not having all the answers, like when she discusses sourdough. Being a hobby bread baker myself, anyone who bakes bread for her family is okay with me. I also like people who are motivated to work hard out of love for their family, and she is. I can't wait to see where this goes. I heard about this blog when I asked my facebook fans for suggestions, so thanks to Susan!

Our Live Active Culture This blog is not always regularly updated but they have been meaning to get to it a little more often but it is still a fun read. It is co-written by a husband and wife team with two little girls who live in the suburbs and try to figure out how to do suburban homesteading with chickens and real food and lively children. They are humorous and entertaining and honest about what real life is like. The tone of each post is different because they are both writing and their individual temperaments thoughts pervade their writing making it a fun ride no matter who is at the wheel. I found out about them because they are our friends and neighbors.

My Treasured Gems This blog is written by a mother and is just about life. Whatever they are doing is what she is writing about: the good and the bad and the ugly. She is sweet and her joy radiates from the screen. She used to have another blog on which she discussed the loss of one her children shortly after birth and her profound hope in loss is amazing. I am drawn to her happy spirit and I found out about her because she married into an awesome family and her sisters-in-law are good friends with a family I have known all my adult life.

Not Less Than Everything She is smart, well read and incredibly magnanimous and it shows through in everything that she writes. Her blog started out with a focus on her conversion to the Catholic church and right now she is fleshing out what it will be now that she is confirmed. She is starting a Weston A Price journey and figuring out adulthood with marriage and family but that does not mean she is naive. I found out about her because she is married to the brother of my girlfriend. I actually blogged about cooking for her wedding, see HERE.

Dietel Days This blog is very new to me but the tone is so fantastic and upbeat that I loved it immediately! Her blog's primary focus is just discussing the antics of the two very young girls and their daily lives but recently one of her little girls had surgery and though she approached it reluctantly she discusses candidly their fears. She is motivated by a deep love for her children and that resonates with me. I found out about her because she followed my blog and I checked her out and liked what I saw.

So now I would like to open the floor for you all to tell me who your favorite up and coming bloggers are, in any genre or niche. I just want to know who you are reading, why and how you found them. You can even shamelessly plug yourself. Go ahead.

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  1. Yes, finding out whether a blog had fewer than 200 followers was quite a challenge for me. I couldn't find out subscriber numbers so went off Facebook but those numbers can be deceiving, I think, if someone only recently joined Facebook. Oh well! Like you said, I think it's the spirit of the thing that matters.

    See my blog later today for my 5 picks for up-and-coming blogs. :) Oh, and I totally would've picked you, too - I love your blog!

    1. Yep. You were high on my list! But Kathy snagged you first. But in the end it was good because it made me think.

  2. She probably has TONS of followers, but my Sister-In-Law has an amazing gift. Her blog is House Unseen. Life Unscripted.
    I like it because she can take an ordinary day, see the joy in it, and turn it into a hilarious adventure in her writing.

    1. Okay, Miss Kitty, I kinda figured out who you are based on the name (kyrie eleison) but went to visit your blog, too. That is a great blog! Bacon roses? You are my new best friend. I just signed up to follow your blog.

      Your SIL's blog is so much fun! I love her energy and cheer. Very cool. I am so glad that you told me about it.

  3. Michele4/12/2012

    I have a few favorite blogs, and yours is one on my list. I rarely comment on them--but felt compelled to encourage you to continue writing. I am amazed and inspired by your seemingly endless energy and devotion to family, food and God.

    Also...Often when I do the dishes, I think of you (no kidding). I have nothing to complain about in comparison!

    Best wishes to you and your family.

    1. Michele, that was so sweet! Thank you for writing that! I think that when you are doing what you are meant to do, you will have the passion and energy in all parts of your life. God means for me to raise these children and he gives me the strength to do it, and that means energy to wash dishes, clean bathrooms and read to kiddos, too.

  4. Thanks so much for selecting my blog as one on your list! I really am just starting out and very much enjoying the journey. Having someone that isn't friends and family recognize it is really special, and I appreciate it so much! Have a lovely weekend. :)

  5. You are producing great work and you deserve recognition. Yay, you!

  6. Melissa, this has been so much fun! I've enjoyed reading your picks here and plan to continue down the chain until I'm swamped with new blogs :-)


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