So far this winter has been pretty warm and we have not had much snow. It feels strange to be able to see the tall grass out in the fields. This is December and there is usually at least five solid feet on the ground at this time. Right now, it is a little less than two.We had more than twenty inches overnight from Thursday into Friday morning but it has settled a bit like it does.

That Friday morning drive to the bus was awful. I have to go seven miles to meet the bus at the highway and it was clear at two miles that I needed to go back home. It was still snowing fiercely and since it was a half past seven in the morning, it was at least an hour until sunrise. It was pitch black and the snow was at the maximum depth that I could get the van through. I was legit afraid that I would get stuck out there in the five mile stretch of woods with no cell service but there was no where to turn around. So, I got to a neighbor who had cleared enough that I could turn and I went back home. We stayed home and worked on ornaments for an exchange that we are doing and wrapped gifts. That was that.

It is nice to have more than a thin layer of snow on the ground. This place is something like the mythological God, Janus. There are two distinct faces to this place. In the summer is it this shocking verdant place where you literally see the ferns grow overnight. In the winter, you need to carry a snow shovel, cat litter, a blanket, and snow gear just in case you become stuck somewhere or are trapped in your car. It was looking a little too dirty, a little too shopworn and I am glad to have the snow. I know, it is a little crazy, but I am still glad.

Jack was really proud of this shot. I just
straightened it and lightened it a bit for him.

Best news! Today I go get the oldest boy from the airport! He is coming home from college for Christmas! We are ready. We have extra coffee and a freezer full of meat and a happy cow out in the snow. Now all we need is Christmas and all that milk, cream, butter, cheese, and meat! We made spiced apple cider this fall and canned it so we have plenty for hot buttered cider and I am aching to make eggnog. I have all kinds of things planned and it always come down to food. Everything here comes down to food. I am working on the menu today and I thought I would share it with you tomorrow!