Gift giving is a practice that is as old as time itself. There are seldom any feelings better than receiving a gift, especially from those you cherish. However, nothing beats the genuine sense of happiness you’d get by giving someone else a present. To make it even more special, how the gift appears can add on to the excitement to come.

If you are thinking about simple ways in which you can present a gift, make sure to get your hands on tissue paper. Although it may seem worthless initially, it makes the act of opening up the gift unique.

Follow these eight steps on how to use tissue paper in a gift bag:

1. Buy Fresh Tissue Paper

After the holidays or special occasions have passed, you may be in possession of excess tissue paper. Although you may be tempted to use it for your next gift, it may be best to ditch it completely. That is because the overall feel and smell of the tissue may have deteriorated overtime.

Since it is relatively cheap, getting new tissue paper for your gift bag is the ideal way to go. This ensures that you get the best results every time. When in doubt, always try to go for something that is relatively fresh!

2. Colour Coordinate

One of the biggest questions in how to use tissue paper in a gift bag is the colour choice. This is not without good reason either; a gift that is presentable is usually colour-oriented. As such, make sure the tissue paper you eventually purchase aligns with both the gift bag and the gift itself.

The colour of the tissue paper doesn’t have to completely match those two items either. Try to use alternative colours that complement the gift bag and the intended gift. That way, the entire package will appear wholesome to the eye.

3. The Gift Bag

Even though it may seem like the tissue paper is an important factor, the gift bag is just as key. For starters, you’ll want your bag to be appropriate for the respective occasion. Using a Christmas-themed gift bag for a birthday present is counterintuitive. If you are representing a business, you can even brand the gift bag and make it complement the promotional products you give away.

Once you are able to balance the respective bag with the chosen tissue paper, you are on the right track.

4. Open The Tissue

When you first purchase tissue paper that is designated for gifts, it will come folded. In order to efficiently use it in your gift bag, open the sheet of tissue paper completely. This gives a sense of fullness to the actual bag, allowing the gift to look aesthetically-pleasing.

5. Line The Bottom

The next step involves lining the bottom of the gift bag with the tissue paper. Make sure to push the paper inside of the bag, so that the opposite ends extend outwards towards you. Depending on how many sets of tissue paper you have, be sure to use what you deem to be appropriate.

Afterwards, you are now able to arrange the top part of the tissue paper. This can be done in multiple ways, so that it looks pleasant to the gift receiver. You can also use alternating colours of tissue paper, just so long as they complement the overall package.

6. Gift Placement

Initially, this comes across as a simple step. However, you’ll want to be very delicate with how you place the gift inside the bag. Mitigating damage or wrinkling of the tissue paper is key. You’ll also want to use another sheet, if your paper ends up being torn by an accidental placement.

7. Cover The Top

Once everything looks cohesive, get your hands on some extra tissue paper. These additional sheets will be used to cover the top of the gift bag. You don’t want the actual gift being visible to the eye; the extra tissue will prevent this outright.

After you have completed this part, be sure to give it a final inspection. If there are any outstanding distortions or wrinkled tissue, diagnose the issue. The overall gift bag should not appear wrinkled or irregularly packaged. The hard work has now finally been taken care of.

8. Final Touches

A gift bag, with tissue paper inside, is not complete without some decorations. These could come in the form of ribbons, attached to the exterior of the bag. Some also choose to staple a card to the outside of the bag. This isn’t universal; you can also place a card inside, as long as you are careful.

Once the final embellishments have been attached to the gift bag, congratulations! You’ve managed to produce a gift bag with tissue paper expertly placed within. For additional personalization, you can also attach an identification tag on the exterior. That way, your gift is certain to reach its intended receiver!