If your children have never experienced a relocation before or if it has been several years since they last moved into a new home, they may feel incredible stress about the relocation process. In addition to helping your children cope emotionally, there are practical matters to consider related to your children before and on moving day. While relocating with children in tow can be more challenging even when you hire a mover company, these are some preparatory steps that can help you navigate through the process more easily.

1. Talk About What to Expect

You may know months ahead of your moving date that you will be relocating, but it may not be necessary or beneficial to spring the news on your children so early. Very young children may not need this news until a few weeks before the big day arrives, and it may suffice to tell older children and teens approximately one to two months before. Ideally, you will have all information regarding their new home, school and more available to discuss with your children. Many of the fears that children have regarding moving relates to the unknown. Clearing up those unknown factors as soon as possible can ease their minds considerably.

2. Pack Everything Completely

Your children’s rooms should be among the last to pack up. Try to keep their living experience as normal as possible for as long as possible. You can, however, do some spring cleaning in their rooms several weeks before the movers arrive. Ensure that all items are packed by moving day so that the movers can quickly complete their tasks.

3. Prepare an Activity Bag

A smart idea is to keep some of your children’s items out of boxes. Pack these items separately in an activity bag that they have access to throughout the relocation process. Depending on their age and interests, this could include books, coloring books, small games, handheld video gaming systems and more. Remember that an overnight bag for your children and other family members is also essential. More resources are available at Hudson Movers Ltd if you would like to learn more.

4. Find Childcare for Moving Day

When your movers arrive, they will need unhindered access to all rooms at all times in order to do their jobs efficiently. Younger children can easily get in their way, and this could even result in injury in some cases. Find childcare for younger children on moving day so that they are not underfoot. You may even make plans for older children to be away from the house when the movers arrive. Consider that having more bodies running around the house can make the movers’ job more challenging.

Each of these steps can make moving day easier on you and on your children in different ways. They could also help your movers to work more efficiently. Keep these steps in mind as you prepare for your relocation.