While vehicles are becoming increasingly sophisticated with regards to the door and trunk locking mechanisms and for the ignition capabilities, vehicles still rely on some type of key or FOB in most cases. However, the keys and FOBs can easily be damaged in many different ways. They can also be lost or stolen. Because you may be stranded in your current location until a locksmith arrives to provide assistance, this could be considered an emergency situation. When you are requesting emergency locksmith service over the phone, provide the professional with these crucial details.

1. The Make, Model and Year of the Vehicle

You may assume that any locksmith can assist you with any type of automotive lock and key service, but this is not the case. Some professionals lack the training and equipment required to address lock and key issues on modern vehicles with more high-tech features, such as a key with a chip. Even if the professional does not specifically ask, inquire about his or her ability to work on your vehicle given its make, model and year.

2. The Vehicle’s Key Type

If you know that you have a special key type, such as a chipped key, or if you are not certain what the key type is, ask the professional about his or her abilities. When in doubt, it is best to request emergency service from a professional who can handle any type of lock and key task. The last thing that you want is to wait an hour or two for help to arrive only to find out that the individual cannot complete the necessary work.

3. The Type of Ignition Damage

While some auto issues relate to the exterior locks, others involve the ignition or starter. For example, a key may be broken off in the key slot. Perhaps the push-button ignition is no longer working. Many locksmiths are able to extract a key that has broken off, but only a few may assist with a complete replacement of the ignition or starter.

4. Your Exact Location

When you are sitting at home waiting for help to arrive, a locksmith can typically find you without hassle based on your street address. However, if you are in a less specific area, such as in a parking lot of a huge mall, you should provide exact details about your location. It may also be helpful if you ask the professional to contact you when he or she arrives in the vicinity.

Timely service is essential when you need emergency automotive lock and key assistance. You want service from a professional who provides prompt assistance and who arrives with the skills, parts and tools necessary to get the job done quickly. When you confirm this information over the phone, you are more likely to enjoy a favorable outcome. For more information, there are some helpful resources on the lockup services website.