When you hire a mover company to assist you with the hard work on moving day, you may assume that a moving company would act in a specific way. However, some people have unfortunately been duped by poor wording in a contract or by misunderstandings that could have been remedied upfront. These are situations that may have caused unnecessary stress and that created extra expenses. If you want to avoid an unnecessarily stressful experience on moving day, review these important factors in each moving company’s quote and contract that you receive.

1. The Date and Time of the Service

The date and time of moving service is essential to many aspects of your relocation plans. In some cases, a company may jot down the wrong date, and movers may arrive day or two early or late. In other cases, mover contracts may be written with a large window for the arrival time. These are factors that can easily be addressed upfront before you make a reservation. Always review the date and time of service, and read the fine print so that you can be aware of loopholes or contingencies that may impact your moving day experience.

2. The Service Addresses

A mover contract usually has the address of your current home and your future home. It also may outline specifics about these locations, such as parking conditions, stairs and more. These factors can affect the amount of time that is quoted to complete the job, the type of equipment that the movers need and more. Verify that this information is correct and complete. Visit Hudson Movers for additional information.

3. The Fixed and Optional Fees

There are several fee structures that you may come across as you review quotes and contracts. Some companies have a fixed hourly rate as well as a minimum number of hours that they will bill you for regardless of how many hours your project takes. Others have a per-room rate. There may also be optional fees for supplies, distance traveled and more. The last thing that you may want is to be surprised by unexpected fees on moving day, so take time to understand the fee structure.

4. The Services Included in the Quote

You may have discussed specific services with moving companies before requesting quotes, but you should not assume that the discussed services are included in the quote. Pay attention to the specific details of relocation that are included in the contract, including the use of special equipment, the number of movers who will arrive to help out and if special services are included. For example, some contracts may include packing services, vehicle towing services and more.

The contract that you sign with your preferred moving company clearly outlines fees, services and other expectations. Regardless of what has been discussed, always confirm that the details in the contract are accurate. Get clarification about terms as needed before you sign the document.