Water is one of the more devastating elements that may damage your home, and plumbing issues are a leading cause of this type of damage. Because water can cause widespread damage in a very short period of time and can potentially lead to mold growth, you understandably may panic at the first sign of a leak or another type of plumbing issue. Contacting an emergency plumber for a fast repair is essential and should be done immediately. While you are waiting for your plumbing specialist to arrive, follow these additional steps.

1. Turn Off the Main Water Supply

Turning off the main water supply leading to the home will prevent any additional water from flowing through your pipes. Ideally, you will know exactly where this valve is before you run into a serious water situation in your home. It is also beneficial to turn the water supply valve off before calling a plumber, but it is better to do it late than never. Remember that seconds count in this type of situation. Act fast as soon as you identify a water issue.

2. Protect Your Belongings

Water can damage drywall, flooring, cabinetry, furnishings and more within a very short period of time. You may be able to save some of your items by moving them to a dry location. For example, you could move your coffee table and sofa to higher ground to avoid damage. If necessary, get quick help from a friend or neighbor to move these items to a dry location.

3. Contact a Water Remediation Company

If your water situation has saturated drywall, wood or other features in the home, a water remediation company should be called. A water remediation team also needs to be called if standing water is present. This team can arrive quickly with extraction equipment. After the water has been extracted, drying equipment can be used to reduce humidity and to decrease the chance of mold growth. Learn more by visiting Drain Rescue.

4. Remove Standing Water

Regardless of whether you call a water remediation company or not, it may be helpful to start removing as much of the water as possible on your home. Depending on the severity of the issue, you can use a bucket, towels, a mop or other items to decrease the water level as soon as possible.

If you contact a reputable emergency plumber for assistance with your issue, you should reasonably expect a specialist to arrive soon with all tools and equipment required to complete many types of urgent repairs. However, the plumber will not remove the water or address water damage. With this in mind, you can see that each of these steps is essential if you want to properly manage the situation and contain the damage.