If you are like many homeowners who are preparing to complete a major renovation project, you understandably may be trying to stretch your dollar and get the most out of your efforts. One of the more common steps that homeowners in your position take is to try to do as much of the work themselves. This is a smart idea to consider with some aspects of your project, but remember that there are some tasks that you should let the professionals handle. These are some of the primary reasons to hire a professional plumber to assist with any pipe and fixture tasks that are required as part of your renovation project.

1. Relocate Pipes

Major renovation plans may include the need to relocate pipes to different areas of the home. For example, you may want to relocate the toilet in your master bathroom to the other side of the room, or you may want to relocate your entire kitchen to the other side of the home. Regardless of how seemingly minor your pipe relocation plans are, plumbing services may be may be essential in order to ensure that quality work is completed.

2. Install New Pipes and Features


You may want to keep all existing pipes in place, but you may need to add a few new pipes to your plumbing infrastructure to complete the renovation work. For example, you may want to add a bathtub to a room that currently only has a walk-in shower, or you may be adding another bathroom to your home’s layout. A plumber should install any new pipes and related water features that are necessary to complete your renovation plans.

3. Update the Hot Water Heater

If your home’s hot water heater is older and will require a replacement soon, it makes sense to update the water heater at this time. You may also need to replace a water heater if your renovation plans would increase the demand for hot water in the home. Replacing the hot water heater is easier to do with the assistance of a trained professional.

4. Ensure that Building Code Regulations Are Met

Any work that you complete on your home should be up to code. However, it is difficult for homeowners to learn about and to understand all related plumbing codes. A plumber can review the work that has been completed on your home to verify that it is up to code regulations. If not, the plumbing professional may make the necessary adjustments.

Plumbing features are commonly installed or relocated during a home renovation. Any plumbing work should be completed by a licensed, experienced and bonded professional regardless of how seemingly minor the work appears to be.