Moving can be considered to be one of life’s greatest challenges. You are physically relocating from one place to, potentially, an entirely new location. The difficulties only seem to mount when it involves your elderly parents.

All of us are subject to aging. The inevitable process affects our parents more than we’d like to believe as well. That is why you must plan carefully and prepare a checking for moving elderly parents. Your organization and coordination skill will go a long way in making this move successful for your parents.

Here are six priority tasks in your checklist for moving elderly parents:

1. Calculate your moving finances

Bills are a part of life that can produce stress, the amount of which varies from individual to individual. When you prepare to move your elderly parents, it is important to recognize that some locations may be more economically viable than others. This pertains to the cost of living to the actual rent.

To ensure that you cover the basics, look for a place that first has the necessary facilities for their living. This ranges from choosing between an apartment or senior residence, to services that are required such as housekeeping. A good idea to keep in mind is to actually visit these locations in-person, so that you can speak to representatives about the monetary specifics.

2. Ensure services are covered

As part of your checklist for moving elderly parents, you’ll want to ensure these potential locations for moving your elderly parents to have the necessary services. You don’t want to relocate your older parents to a place that is in the middle of nowhere. That is why it is vital that any potential location has the best in terms of available amenities.

Services aren’t just limited to housekeeping. Heating, access to telephone and internet, and hydro are all things to consider when choosing a place to move to. If it is a residence you are planning to help move your parents into, consider services such as meal distribution before picking a suitable location.

3. Help your elderly parents to relax

Before you begin the actual move, it is critical to help ensure your parents are ready to move. This entails helping them out on an emotional level, and putting their anxiousness to rest. The potential for your parents to worry, at an elderly state, skyrockets. This is why you should talk to them beforehand about any issues they may have.

If they are not at all worried about the actual move, you should at least make the atmosphere as comforting as possible. Doing this prior to the move can help reassure your parents that the subsequent process will be an easy transition. You want the best for your elderly parents after all!

4. Plan for the moving day

Once the initial groundwork has been covered, and everything has been prepared, it is time to revisit your checklist for moving elderly parents. On the day of the actual move, ensure that all packing supplies are ready to be used and all boxes are on standby. It is important to keep a blueprint on hand as well, to ensure that you stay organized during the physical process of packing.

In addition, make sure that your elderly parent’s most important items are easily accessible. These items can include their medication or first-aid kits. Place these particular items last into their respective box. That way, in case of any dire situation, you’ll know exactly how to get your hands on them.

5. Hire a professional mover

For most moving processes, a professional moving service usually won’t be needed if you prepare accordingly. However, as it relates to your parents, the process gets a little more intricate. Having said that, you may want to hire a service that deals specifically with how to handle the details of moving for elderly loved ones.

There are several movers and moving specialists that can assist in this task. Senior move managers know all the details of the process, from moving logistics to ensuring your parents are emotionally taken care of. Furthermore, these amenities are exhaustive; all pertinent services such as home staging are taken care of inside and out!

6. Get familiar with the neighbourhood

Once you have finished the packing process and the move is well on its way, familiarize yourself with the neighborhood. From knowing the nearby grocery stores to businesses that provide door delivery services, you should know your elderly parent’s new neighborhood thoroughly.

Also, check the distance of other services from your parent’s new residence as well. Knowing that they’ll safely be able to reach a doctor’s office, for example, will put your mind and theirs at ease. The more acquainted you become with the neighborhood, the more you’ll know how to get to them in case of an emergency.

The checklist for moving your elderly parents may seem long and perplexing. However, it is a process that needs to be conducted with the utmost of care. It will take a lot of patience on your part. However, your parents are worth it and they deserve to be reassured on all fronts before moving.