Just because you don’t have a front yard doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the exterior of your apartment for Christmas. If you have even just a tiny balcony, it can become the perfect backdrop for some magical Christmas decorations.

If you have never decorated a balcony before, these 7 apartment balcony Christmas decorating ideas will give you some inspiration. You can transform your small outdoor space for the holiday season!

Idea #1: Add many white or multicoloured lights

It’s not really Christmas if there are no Christmas lights! Whether you prefer white, coloured, or multicoloured lights, you can hang them around your balcony railing, place them around your door frame, or hang them from the bottom of the balcony above yours to create a light curtain.

You can also decorate your balcony with lanterns, or with stars, snowflakes, candy canes, bells, angels, reindeers, and other shapes or characters illuminated with lights. Whether you like to spend time on your balcony, or you simply want to look at your decor from the inside of your apartment, Christmas lights will create a warm and whimsical ambiance.

Idea #2: Decorate the railing with garlands or wreaths

Decorating the railing and garlands is one of the best apartment balcony Christmas decorating ideas. Natural decorative elements, such as Christmas wreaths and garlands made from fir branches, will add a touch of rustic charm to your balcony. Even if your wreaths and garlands are not made from real fir branches, they should still look the part.

Adding small Christmas lights to fir garlands is an easy way to create a decor that will look great during the day, but also after the sun has disappeared.

Large pine cones, grouped with other natural elements, can also become a part of your balcony decor.

Idea #3: Make your balcony railing jingle all the way

Hanging jingle bells from the railing of your balcony will instantly make it look festive. You can choose golden or silver bells, and whether they are made of metal or plastic, they will add a lot to your Christmas decor.

Of course, metallic bells will actually jingle for real, which can be more fun, but if you live in an area where the wind is always strong during the winter, perhaps it could be a better idea to opt for bells that will not produce any noise!

Idea #4: Decorate your balcony with big Christmas ornaments

Christmas street decor. Stylish christmas fir branches with golden lights and festive ornaments on balcony at holiday market in city street. Space for text. Modern decoration

What would look great with fir garlands and jingle bells? Christmas ornaments, of course. If you have already noticed huge Christmas ornaments in a store, and thought that they were way too big to decorate your tree, now you know what you could do with these.

You can hang huge ornaments from your balcony railing, or group a few of them and add them to a wreath or a garland.

Red, green and white are the traditional colours of Christmas decorations, but nothing stops you from selecting ornaments that match a different colour theme.

Idea #5: Decorate your balcony with a Christmas tree

If you have so many beautiful ornaments that there is not enough space for all of them on your Christmas tree, you could get a second tree and place it on your balcony. Or if you simply don’t have enough space for your tree in your apartment, you could display it on your balcony instead.

A decorated Christmas tree could be the only decorative item you need to add some holiday cheer to your balcony.

Idea #6: Create a cozy outdoor space where you can celebrate Christmas

If the weather makes it possible for you to celebrate Christmas on your balcony, you could use chairs, warm blankets, and colourful cushions to decorate it and transform it into a cozy outdoor space.

If you are planning on spending quality time on your balcony, you should consider covering the floor with beautiful deck tiles. Recycled plastic tiles, for example, have the warmth and beauty of natural wood, but can easily stand up to snow, ice, and cold temperatures. Maintaining this type of balcony flooring on your condo is easy, and it can complement the rest of your Christmas decor.

Idea #7: Let Santa Claus relax on your balcony

Santa Claus is a busy man during the holidays, and perhaps he would be happy to spend some time relaxing on your balcony. Whether it’s an inflatable Santa, a plastic Santa that lights up, or a large Santa figurine, this is a decorative item that is sure to turn heads.

Imagine a young child looking out their window on Christmas Eve, and spotting a realistic looking Santa Claus standing or sitting on your balcony!

As you can see, decorating your apartment balcony for Christmas can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. You can use lights or ornaments you already have, buy new ones, or create your own decorations.

Consider the space you have on your balcony, use your imagination, and don’t forget to have some fun setting up your new decor!