Discovering new, secondary streams of income is always an asset. This can go for virtually any type of individual, working in any sort of occupation. For real estate agents in particular, the extra cash definitely helps when a primary source of income stagnates.

Side jobs are important to a real estate agent’s life, as the extra money can be used as an investment down the line. These work from home side jobs can also help with your financial stability due to the nature of real estate commissions. The best part about working towards your vision for financial freedom is that the opportunities are virtually limitless. Explore, and find the gig best suited for you!

It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie or veteran real estate agent. Having multiple sources of money is always viable. If you are in search of ways to gain access into those monetary streams, here are seven of the best work from home side jobs for realtors:

1. Appraiser jobs

Becoming an appraiser can potentially be an arduous process. However, you are most likely already used to challenges, given that you have gone through the trials of becoming a real estate agent. In this light, being an appraiser is one of the best work from home side jobs for realtors, allowing you to earn extra quantities of cash.

Once things have been set in motion, most real estate agents can look to make about $200 to $400 per appraisal. In addition, the best part about being an appraiser is that the more you get experienced, the more income you can make. You could potentially even be working less hours per week as well!

2. Assistant property manager jobs


Property managers, on average, are usually looking for extra hands to assist in their daily schedule. By become a part-time assistant property manager, you may find yourself getting more than just money. There is an abundance of knowledge in this work from home side job for realtors.

You can find yourself gaining valuable insight into the industry, as well as learning various laws pertinent to your region or municipality. No one is going to complain about extra cash, but, sometimes, knowledge can prove to be invaluable as well. Plus, you will still have time to work on other relevant goals, given the part-time nature of the job.

3. Stager jobs

Unlike the previous two side jobs for realtors, you usually won’t have to have a lot of experience before becoming a stager. The routine of a stager is mostly project-based, but you’ll also get to organize your schedule accordingly to suit your current real estate needs.

Depending on where you operate as a stager, the applicable rate to charge will vary. However, most home stagers can expect to make about $900 per week. It will also allow you to put your creativity to use as well. Making a home as appealing as possible can translate into a property being sold for a lot more cash in the long run!

4. Online freelancing jobs

As a real estate agent, you already know the importance of good marketing. The ability to make a property appear as endearing as possible can ultimately translate into a great source of secondary income. The key to this? Try learning and implementing new, digital marketing skills.

There are a number of great online websites that will teach you vital marketing skills such as copywriting. Once you become an expert in a particular skill, you can freelance for various advertised services to make bountiful sources of money. Freelancing offers one of the best work from home side jobs for realtors. The more, in-demand skills you develop, the more doors you open to income streams as a real estate agent.

5. Coaching jobs

The best part about learning is that, if continually built upon and mastered, you can eventually teach the material. For real estate agents, this can be monetized effectively if you know your craft inside and out. Consider taking on speaking gigs at real estate conventions, or starting a consultant program if you are savvy enough about a specific aspect of real estate!

6. BPO professional jobs

Not unlike becoming an appraiser, real estate agents can get certified as a Business Process Outsourcing professional for a secondary source of income. The process is a lot less demanding than an appraiser, with certification only taking about ten to fifteen hours on average. You will just have to ensure you have your real estate license to do it.

Being a BPO professional can lead to various income opportunities, all of which have their own respective rates. These opportunities range from being able to conduct double-closing to negotiating the holding of a listing. Real estate agents will never have to look too far for side income, should they choose to become BPO-certified.

7. Affiliate marketing jobs

One of the best ways to earn extra income is to help sell a product that you didn’t originally create. This is known as affiliate marketing. Find a product that you believe in, and use an online platform to tell the world about its importance. This is optimal for earning an unusually great source of side income, which could be extremely helpful for your career in the long run.