The holiday season can be a loving affair for virtually everyone once this time of the year hits our calendars. There is the opportunity to head out to events with friends and family to create new memories. Of course, there is also the opportunity to exchange gifts with loved ones, especially when Christmas comes.

Christmas is especially alluring for younger kids, who partake in many activities throughout December. When the day arrives, they will be excited to open up their most anticipated gifts. If you have difficulties figuring out how to get your kids, why not try holiday gift baskets? A Christmas-themed basket could be great.

Here are seven best Children’s gift basket ideas:

Idea #1: Snacks

Any gift basket worth it’s salt will include consumable products of some kind. They are a staple of any gift basket, with the items included ranging in deliciousness. For example, kids will pretty much snack on any tasty treats provided to them. For Christmas-themed baskets, you may want to go with candy and sweets.

Candy canes are one of the most timeless products in this gift basket. They come in various sizes, so your gift basket is not overwhelming to the eyes. Many traditional snacks, such as cookies, will have a Christmas theme attached to them as well. If they are on sale, grab a couple and place them front-and-center in the basket.

Idea #2: Beverages

Of course, one cannot simply build a gift basket without including some beverages inside! Since it is the Christmas season, younger kids may anticipate certain drinks over others. For example, you can place instant hot chocolate packets in the gift basket. An added ingredient to this beverage can include artificial sweeteners to reflect the Christmas season.

You can do no wrong with candy cane hot chocolate beverages for your younger ones. Or, you may also want to let them try out a kid-friendly version of eggnog. This holiday staple is bound to please their taste, provided it is made correctly. Sharing a cup of any beverage will make Christmas morning that much better.

Idea #3: Toys

As mentioned previously, Christmas-themed gift baskets can be used to supplement other presents. However, that does not mean you cannot put other toys inside! A gift basket can act as a makeshift Christmas stocking of sorts. This allows you to get creative with what other items you can surprise your children with.

For instance, many miniature toys can be stuffed inside the gift basket. Once they open it up, they may be surprised and may even have a new favourite toy to play with. From action figures to dolls to trendy items, toys come in unique, large varieties. Think outside the box, and you will be good to go.

Idea #4: Bedding and Apparel

Your kid may also be surprised to find new, hip clothing and bedding items within their Christmas basket. Nothing beats a comfortable, warm blanket adorned with Christmas imagery if they are of a certain young age. Or, they may come to find a new winter outfit that they are excited to wear in the days leading up to the new year!

Idea #5: Tech Products

Gone are the days when traditional toys were the primary Christmas gift for kids. When putting together a gift basket of this theme, including some tech products inside. They may be looking for a new set of headphones, for example, to go with their tablet computer.

Idea #6 Books and Calendars

Christmas is supposed to be a time of year when bonding between loved ones occurs. To reinforce this sentiment, the gift basket you give to your kids can include neat books. These can range from a classic Christmas story to a Christmas-themed calendar.

The latter allows them to mark down important dates on their accord. Either way, providing your kids with the chance to showcase individuality, as well as bond with you, can be special. Christmas gift baskets, then, can be the right present for the right moment!

Idea #7: Other Gifts

Usually, parents will get their kids a few unique presents when the special day arrives. In this light, you may want to use your Christmas gift basket to supplement those gifts above. That way, your kids will appreciate the additional sentiment the basket holds.

Instead of just relying on the basket to be prioritized, you can use it to complement other presents. Using the gift basket as a supplemental present, you can mix and match gifts. It even allows them to unwrap more presents with their name on them too!