You’ve put in an offer, made a bid, and you got the house! Before your closing date, you’ll need to find reputable movers to get your stuff from point A to point B.

There are many scams and illegitimate companies posing as movers, so it’s important to do your research before hiring a moving company. Here are 6 ways to find a great mover.

1. Always verify the company with the Better Business Bureau.

A reputable moving company will always be registered with the Better Business Bureau under the name they are using to do business. Some companies will switch names to avoid being evaluated by the BBB. If so, this is a red flag.

They should also have a legitimate address listed with the BBB, and answer their phone with their full business name, not simple “moving company”.

2. Look at the company’s reviews.

Check out the company’s presence on review websites such as Google and Yelp. Beware of reviews that seem fake, for example, if the reviewer has no other reviews or no picture.

Another tell-tale sign of fake reviews is when a business has many 1 star reviews, and many 5 star reviews, and nothing in between. Make sure to read the good and bad reviews so you know what to expect.

3. Schedule an estimate.

Professional mover know how to evaluate a space and give you a reasonable estimate of the hours, workers, and gas needed to move your items from point A to point B.

Make sure the person providing the estimate evaluates your whole house and takes their time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, either. This way, you can be sure you’re getting an accurate assessment.

4. Ask about hidden fees.

Some companies will pin you with hidden fees they didn’t include in their estimate. Get the whole story by asking about any extra fees that may arise (for example, if your new place is up 3 flights of stairs, or if the workers need to use an elevator).

Other common hidden fees include a fee for moving appliances, moving a piano, and for moving long distances.

It’s important to always ask about these fees so you can have an accurate estimate that works for your budget.

5. Make sure they are legitimate.

A good moving company in Canada should be registered with the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). CAM verifies the legitimacy of moving companies, meaning a company that is listed there is considered legitimate.

6. Trust your gut.

A good moving company will ease your fears and make you feel comfortable during the process. If the person rushes you, or doesn’t address your questions, don’t be afraid to move on to the next company.

If you feel uncomfortable while talking to a moving company, this may be a sign that they’re not dependable or reputable. Find someone who takes your business seriously.