With so many details to take care of in the weeks leading up to a move, it can sometimes become easy to forget to plan for the arrival of the movers. When the day of the big move is at hand, the moving company you choose will be at your front door and prepared to work. However, there are things you and your family can do to make their job easier for them.

The following 6 tips will assure that you and your family are prepared for the moving company to arrive.

1. Box Your Belongings

In many cases, you will be responsible for making sure that your belongings are boxed and packed before the movers Toronto arrive. You should start by making sure you have the correct supplies and boxes. Multiple sized boxes will be needed. You will also need bubble wrap, foam pouches, and dividers. Plastic bins are useful for family clothing and electronics.

2. Make Sure Movers Have Parking Directions

This is a detail that is nearly always overlooked as a move approaches. However, understanding where to park is an important aspect of any move that will no doubt be on the mind of the mover in charge of driving the truck that will transport your family’s possessions. If the residence you are moving from does not contain the space to facilitate a large moving truck, be sure to obtain any permits needed to park a large truck on a city street.

3. Check That Furniture Will Fit Through The Door

More than likely, a professional mover will not have a problem getting furniture through a door. But in the event that the destination home has doorways that are significantly smaller than the home a family is moving away from, the company that will be moving your furniture might need to be forewarned.

4. Secure A Babysitter

Small children will only serve as a distraction on moving day. It is probably best to secure small children a place with a family member or child care professional on the day of the move. This will assure that the child is safe and also help to maintain their normal daily schedule.

5. Make Provisions For Pets

Do not forget to have a plan in place for your pets on the day of the move. Your movers will need to keep the door open while working and this may not be possible if pets are running free. Pets should be restricted to one part of the house while the move is being executed.

6. Keep Cash On hand For Tips

Tipping a mover is not a requirement. But you will appreciate movers that do an excellent job at safely transporting your family’s possessions from one home to the next. Keep a few dollars on hand to reward good work.