If you have been looking for ways of enhancing your smile, you must have heard about dental implants. They are a modern way of enhancing smiles using false teeth that are directly held on the jawbone, which are used in place of damaged or missing natural teeth. However, you cannot walk into your dentist’s office and ask for a dental implant without a clear understanding of what a dental implant is, how to maintain it, and whether you are a candidate for the implants or not.

1. They have been used for several years

The history of the use of false teeth to replace missing or damaged teeth dates back to 700DAD. The first dental implant surgery was carried out in 1965. During that time, people in Italy would create dentures from human and animal teeth. However, the false teeth have evolved over the years to be better than before.

2. High success rate

A dental implant is one of the medical procedures that have high success rates. The procedure has a success rate of between 93 to 95 percent, unlike other procedures such as hip replacement that have a success rate of 90 percent. Therefore, you can trust your dentist for a successful dental implant procedure.

3. Local anesthetic during the surgery

You must have come across people who require a dental implant surgery to enhance their smile, but they are afraid of the surgery because they associate it with pain. Well, if you are among those who refrain from the procedure because of pain, you need to stop worrying because your local anesthetics will take you through the entire process without feeling any pain. In fact, some dental implant clinics have mechanisms of dealing with anxious patients or stressed patients to make their experience painless.

4. Procedure pre-planned

You cannot undergo a dental implant surgery without prior examination by your dentist. Your dentist will brief you about the dental implant as well as the surgery process. Therefore, you need to be sure that a dental implant is the perfect solution to your damaged or lost teeth before you go ahead to procure the surgery.

5. A new smile in one day

You must be thinking that this deal is too good to be true. Surprisingly, you can get your improved smile in just a day and a smooth and quick healing process. A dental implant procedure can be carried out on the same day because most clinics don’t have to wait for results from another laboratory.

6. Nobody can tell the difference

You don’t need to be worried that your dental implants will not be similar to your other teeth. Your dentist will help you to match your natural teeth with the dental implant, both the shape and color. In fact, your dental implant not only looks similar to natural teeth but it also has the same strength. Therefore, your dental implant is your little secret.