Summertime is one of the most exciting and thrilling times there are for kids. Not only are they free from the demands of school, but they get to go to daily camp, as well as sleepaway camp.

There are so many fun summer sports for kids to enjoy at camp. Not only do the summer sports keep them busy and give them something fun to do, but they get to stay active too. This is much better than staying home and playing video games, am I right?

If you’re looking for some fun summer sports for kids, here are six of the best outdoor activities that you can do:

1. Swimming

What goes better with summer than swimming? This is a cool summer sports for kids to get a ton of good exercise in. There are many places to go swimming in the summertime: take a trip to the beach and enjoy swimming in a lake, visit a public outdoor pool, or go to a friend or family member’s pool.

It’s also fun to go swimming with friends as there are a ton of fun pool games you can play. If you’re looking for a more leisurely time, you can even float around on one of those cute blow-up pool floats. There’s a lot you can do with swimming, so we’re sure it’ll be quite hard to get bored with this sport.

2. Volleyball

If you’re looking for something to do before or after going for a swim at your local beach, try volleyball. Volleyball is a great summer sport for kids, because a lot of beaches have a small court set up right for you to enjoy. The kids can play volleyball with some friends or some new friends they’ve never met before.

Volleyball has many benefits. It instills the value of teamwork, gets you in shape, and allows you to try a sport you might have never tried before. Who knows? You and your friends (or new friends) might love it so much that you start your own team or decide to take a volleyball class when you go back to school. Summer is always a fun time to explore new things.

3. Tennis

Have you ever tried tennis? If not, we’re sure you’ll like it! It’s kind of like volleyball, only you use a racket rather than your arms. This summert sport can also be played indoors in the winter. You can play on an outdoor court in your local park, or you can set a net up in your backyard. Have fun seeing which of your friends you can beat. You may have a strong skill for tennis that you never knew existed until now.

Tennis also has many benefits: it allows you to develop strength in a wide range of muscles, increases your coordination, aerobic capacity, and allows you to get your daily serving of vitamin D, thanks to the sun!

4. Running

You may be an avid runner already, but you may have been confined to a treadmill or an indoor running space during the winter. Now that summer is here and the weather is warmer and more hospitable, you can tie up your shoes and get running on your favourite path again. This is one of the summer sports for kids to do with a friend or family member. Some people do say it’s easier to run with a friend, because you have someone that you’re committed to on the days that you may want to cancel.

There are so many benefits to taking up running. This summer sport is a really good cardio workout, helps tone your muscles, and helps you lose weight. If you’re feeling really adventurous you can sign up for a 5 km or 10 km race, usually benefitting one charity or another. This is a great way to encourage yourself to train so you can meet your goal as well as raise money for a charity. Running marathons may become your new favourite hobby!

5. Biking

Now, who can forget biking? It’s such a lovely summer sports for kids, since biking provides an environmentally friendly option to get you from point A to point B. It also allows you to see a lot of scenery that you might miss if you’re in a car.

It’s inexpensive to use a bike since it doesn’t require gas. As long as you wear the proper safety equipment like helmets, elbow and knee pads, and check traffic before crossing, it’s also a safe sport. Biking helps tone your muscles and increase your stamina.

6. Rollerblading

A fond memory a lot of us have of childhood is learning how to rollerblade. It’s so freeing once you get the hang of it. It’s one of the most fun summer sports out there. Just strap on your blades and go wherever the wind takes you! Just be sure you’re always aware of traffic and that you wear the right protective equipment.