Home windows handle harsh conditions, which expose them to all kinds of damages. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t pay attention to their panes until when they develop issues. You should learn some common window problems that might be causing discomfort in your home.

1. Drafty windows

One of the most common window problems people encounter is drafty panes. A drafty window causes discomfort in homes and also significantly increases the costs of heating and cooling. A drafty window can be generated by an array of causes, such as poor insulation, rotten or cracking frames, broken window seals and improperly installed panes. Call an expert to repair or replace your glasses. If you would like to learn more, visit Panes.

2. Faulty panes

A window that doesn’t open or remains open might require replacement or adjustment. Make sure you check the sash support system for a hung window that opens up and down if it fails to open or stays open. The system might be the cause of the problem. For an awning or casement window, ensure that you inspect its operator if it fails to open. You might have to replace the operator.

3. Foggy glass

The insulation seal of your panes might be broken if you have noticed a foggy window. As a result, you may have to replace the window. The foggy glass is a standard window problem that most homeowners face. Another leading cause of a foggy glass is a broken window frame, which allows cold air from the outside to enter your home and fog when it mixes with warm air inside the house. You should call a professional to inspect the window and determine the cause of the fogging because sometimes it is normal for panes to fog.

4. Cracked or broken glass

Broken or cracked glass is among the common window problems in homes. The issue requires immediate attention to ensure comfortable temperature in your home. A technician can quickly fix a single-pane window. Also, make sure you hire an experienced technician so that you are confident that the repair is done professionally to prevent future problems.

5. Warping, cracking or rotting wood

It is a typical window problem, which is caused by poor maintenance of wooden frames or improper window installation. Poor wooden frame maintenance creates a drift that allows moisture to get into the spaces around your window. The moisture causes the wood frame to rot and encourage the growth of mold behind walls and the window.

6. Water leaks around a window

A window may leak if it was not flashed correctly during installation. Rainwater would get its way behind the window if it were not flushed properly into the floor or under the sill. You can detect a water leak around a window if you notice leaks on a wall and there is a window near it. Hire a technician to inspect the window for flushing issues and fix the problem to avoid water damage.