Our current job market has become extremely flexible, in order to meet the demands of our contemporary workforce. Contract work and side hustles are becoming increasingly common, as employers seek new ways to hire talent in various capacities. However, there are still two factors that remain important for every job seeker.

Pay, and especially offered benefits, will always be sought out. If you are a working mom, this sentiment is particularly true. As working parents, a priority is to find a company with the best employee benefits management programs that complement your family and your lifestyle. Having a job that offers great pay and benefits will undoubtedly do wonders for your circumstances.

Finding that job, on the other hand, doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some of the best roles with benefits to pursue if you are a working mom.

Job #1: Realtor

The real estate industry is full of jobs with benefits for moms and working parents. One of the best parts of becoming a real estate agent is the flexibility of the role. You are granted the ability to set your own schedule, and the pay is highly rewarding. Once you become officially certified, there are significant benefits that will be attained. These will significantly assist you in your day-to-day role as a mother, when caring for your children.

For example, medical benefits that are normally paid for out-of-pocket will be covered. Other benefits, such as life insurance or disability coverage, will usually be provided, depending on the firm you are working with. Once you reach your desired status, it never hurts to inquire on all benefits you will receive!

Job #2: Barista

Becoming a barista at your local coffee chain is a highly-rewarding prospect. Not only can it be a fun experience interacting with your locals, but the offered benefits are also worth your while. This is especially true if you are a mother trying to find a job that works around your schedule as a parent.

Largescale coffee chains have a multitude of benefits offered to all baristas working for the company. Health insurance is one of the primary ones; it covers your bases in the event of a medical emergency. You may also be provided with stock options, allowing you to obtain company stock while working. Putting on that apron can be a rewarding experience after all.

Job #3: Child Care Provider

If you aim to work in a profession that complements your maternal role, becoming a child care provider is a good job with benefits for moms. The role itself can range, and can focus on a wide array of actual positions. However, if benefits are a primary focus, you may choose to go the route of a child care provider working in a daycare centre.

Not only will you receive a flexible work schedule, but most child care providers will be given paid leave. If you require your own child to be placed in a daycare centre while you work, you may be given discount options, as provided by your employment. Children are taken care of in these institutions, but know that you will be as well!

Job #4: Dental Hygienist

The dental industry has many great jobs with benefits for moms. As a dental hygienist, you will be working in a very friendly atmosphere. Working moms will find this enticing, especially if you consider yourself to be a people person. This is only compounded by the benefits to be offered; dental hygienists are generally given very rewarding assistance.

Although the flexible scheduling may be valuable, dental hygienists also make very competitive salaries. Don’t let the part-time nature of the role deter you; offered benefits also extend to being given a pension plan as well. Just be sure to follow-up with the office you plan to work for. The details of each benefit will vary, depending on who you plan to work for.

Job #5: Elementary School Teacher

Being around kids may be your strong suit, if you are a mother. If this is the case, choosing to become an elementary school teacher can be a highly-rewarding career path. Not only does the role provide you with a great salary, the benefits to be received are extremely valuable to your life as a mother.

You can expect to receive the typical benefits, such as health and dental insurance, at first. However, if your school is covered by a union, your offered package will encompass many more enticing benefits such as maternal leave. Plus, you will usually be surrounded by like-minded individuals who have a passion for teaching children!

Job #6: Web Developer

Commuting to a physical space every day for work can be rather difficult. This is especially true if your schedule as a mother is already tight. The perks of becoming a web developer, therefore, may actually be beneficial to your overall circumstances. Not only can you learn and work at your own pace, but you can earn a very high salary, working from virtually anywhere.

Flexibility is a common theme for those working various jobs. As a working mother, you know just how important it is to strike the right balance between work and caring for your children. Thankfully, there are an abundance of jobs available that will provide you with some truly accommodating benefits!