From looking for a new apartment to packing your things and calling a professional mover, moving entails a lot of preparation. The moving company will be at your doorstep on the set relocation date. If you want to ease the activity, you should prepare adequately. Never wait until the D-day to prepare for movers.

1. Box up your things properly

Unless your move package includes packing services, it’s advisable to box everything up before the mover arrives. Buy the right supplies and boxes a month before the moving day and start packing at least one week in advance. You will require an array of boxes, depending on the items that are to be put inside the box. Once you finish packing, ensure that you label all boxes for easy unpacking.

2. Prepare to protect the house

It is up to you to protect both the old and new places. If it is snowing or raining, you should install proper measures to keep the house free from water damage. You can put tarps or large blankets at the doorway to prevent water from entering your home. Remember to keep floors dry to avoid slip accidents, especially because the movers Toronto will be carrying cartons around the house.

3. Prepare parking space for the movers

Parking is a simple detail that is often overlooked by many people who are relocating. The driver is likely to call you on the moving day to ask for directions. You need to ensure that the mover has a parking spot that is easily accessible. It is only wise to prepare parking space close to your house to reduce the distance that the movers will be moving the boxes.

4. Ensure that furniture can fit through the door

In most cases, the movers will manage to move furniture out of the old home and into the new one without much difficulty. However, some entries are usually smaller than the furniture, especially for large and bulky furniture pieces. If this is the case, inform the mover in advance so that they can come with the appropriate supplies for the move. Measure the large furniture like pianos and couches to know whether or not they can fit through the window or door.

5. Plan for your pets

Before the movers arrive, you should have planned for how to move your pet. Most movers prefer to leave the door open to ease movement of items in and out of the home. Unfortunately, this can make it easy for you to lose pets as they escape to the outdoors. That is why you need to keep your pet contained in one area during the move. You can hire someone to watch over the pet or use a crate to enclose your furball from getting lost.