Changing locks is as an issue that most people know about, but they rarely pay attention to it. Every locksmith will admit that they have answered the question of how often people should change locks severally. One of the best measures to secure your home is by changing your locks and ensuring that you know who has access to your house. Renters and homeowners are advised to change locks often especially during certain situations or for specific reasons.

1. You lost your keys

One of the obvious reasons you should change your home locks is after losing your keys. Most people have at some point in their lives lost keys. One of the biggest worries after losing keys is the person who might have found them and what the person plans to do with the keys. Instead of worrying about that, you should hire a locksmith to change your locks. Besides, it is a quick and straightforward process that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

2. Moving into a new house

Most people overlook the importance of changing locks after moving into a new apartment. What they don’t know is that the previous tenant might have had several copies of keys or there could be someone else with the keys. It compromises on your security because you don’t know about the previous tenant. In that case, you should hire locksmiths to change the locks immediately after moving into the house and test your home security by using a home security checklist. Alternatively, you can consider rekeying, which is cheaper than changing locks.

3. You fired an employee

You need to hire locksmiths if you have recently fired an employee who was a custodian of a set of keys in your office or business premises. You never know if the employee might have a plan of seeking revenge after losing his or her job. Don’t compromise on the security of your office equipment or information by overlooking the importance of changing locks.

4. You have gone through a dispute, separation or divorce

Breakups are hard. Relationships with friends or spouses don’t always end on a good note. It is advisable to protect your home by changing locks after a divorce or the end of a dating relationship. The same applies to roommates and friends too. You don’t want to have them to access your home or collude with buglers to steal from you.

5. Old locks

Wear and tear also affects locks. You will experience difficulty in locking and unlocking your doors over time when locks have become worn out or rusty. It is advisable to replace the keys for convenience and safety. Also, an old lock might not offer maximum security, which leaves you vulnerable to burglary attempts. Make sure you hire a locksmith to replace keys of an old and rusty lock.