Looking to rent a furnished apartment for the first time? Not sure how to go about the search. These tips will save you a lot of stress when choosing among furnished apartments.

1. Budget

The first thing to consider when it comes to renting a furnished apartment is budget. How much can you afford to spend on accommodations? First, you need to do your research online.

Find out the cost of apartments in your preferred location. You can do this by browsing online rental sites or working with an agent. This will help you choose a well-furnished apartment that suits your needs and budget.

2. Get Your Priorities Right

Prior to shopping for an apartment, consider what your priorities are and what is just “nice to have.” Separate your needs from your wants. List out those things you can’t do without. For some, it could be proximity to the workplace or easy access to public transportation to facilitate moving around. For others, it may be a king-size bed or two bedrooms.

Listing out those things that are most important to you will prevent you from making a choice you may regret later on. Keep in mind that you may likely have to search deeper to find a furnished apartment that ticks all your boxes, but don’t settle for less.

3. Inspect the Apartment

Many people make the mistake of not inspecting a furnished apartment before moving in. While some may be fortunate enough to find everything intact and as it is, others may not. The apartment may be nothing like the pictures. So, therefore, it is advisable to inspect the apartment before moving in.

What if you’re looking for a short-term rental because you’re planning a vacation or taking a business trip overseas? How do you inspect the apartment in this scenario? In this case, reach out to the rental agent and ask him or her to film a short video of the apartment. Don’t be afraid to request the opportunity to inspect the apartment.

4. Read the Lease

A lease is a legally binding contract between the tenant and the landlord. It clearly states your rights as well as the rules and regulations guiding occupants. This document contains a lot of legal terminology, which could be confusing. Nonetheless, it is worth the read. Ask your leasing agent for help if you don’t understand some of the terms.

A lease for a furnished apartment must contain a list of all furniture as well as a confirmation that all items are in place.

5. Pets

Not all furnished apartments Montreal are pet-friendly. So, if you are planning to bring your furry friend along, first check to see if it’s allowed. If pets are allowed, be sure to find out whether or not there is a breed restriction. By doing this, you’ll steer clear of any impending problems.

Moving into a furnished apartment can be exciting, yet overwhelming. These tips will help you choose the right apartment while ensuring comfortable living, whether that’s for the long term or short term.