In the wake of an injury, or when living with certain chronic conditions, physiotherapy services can be an important part healing and reducing pain and discomfort. Seeking out physiotherapy services instead of trying to do it yourself is key to healing properly, as they are offered by trained professionals who can help you to do the right things and avoid the wrong things while going through the healing or pain management process.

Whether you are in for many sessions or just a few, there are some important things you should know about physiotherapy services before getting started.

1. A drug free healing process

Physiotherapy services focus on stretching and strengthening your muscles to heal them after they have been damaged, or after they have been out of use for a long period of time. There are many different reasons for seeking out physiotherapy services and many different methods used, but none of them include ingesting or receiving medication of any kind. Physiotherapy is purely the process of using your body and your movements to heal.

2. Not necessarily a one-time thing

In your initial meeting and first session, you will be given an assessment. Your physiotherapist will be able to give you an estimate of how long they think you will need or how many sessions you will need to complete your rehabilitation.

Some patients may only need the initial session where they learn about the exercises they need to do and are able to do them at home on their own. Other patients may need a longer term, more serious physiotherapy routine. Physiotherapy services are not one size fits all. Each session is tailored to the patient. You can learn more at the Dr Keogh website.

3. You do not need a referral

For some medical treatments, the patient requires a referral from their doctor to be eligible for the treatment. This is not the case for physiotherapy services. Although many people may not seek out physiotherapy services without the recommendation of a doctor, the physiotherapist will not require a formal or written recommendation to do their work.

Patients can also seek out physiotherapy services on their own, without having first seen a doctor. If a patient feels that physiotherapy will help them, they can go directly to the physiotherapist and have an assessment.

4. Physiotherapy services help many ailments

Although physiotherapy services are focused on the muscles and relieving pain with stretching and movement, that does not mean that the scope of what physiotherapy can heal is limited. Actually, it is quite the contrary. Physiotherapy can help muscular aches and pains from natural causes or from injuries like sports injuries. Physiotherapy services can also assist patients who suffer from arthritis, or can be used to rehabilitate patients who have been injured and must re-learn how to use a certain part or parts of their body.

One of the other interesting and maybe lesser-known uses for physiotherapy services is that it can help people with the management of respiratory conditions and illnesses like asthma, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, and lung cancer.

5. Physiotherapy services don’t end at the clinic

Although some patients will need to return for multiple sessions, most patients will have things to do at home, in between sessions. This ensures that patients do not lose the progress they made during sessions, and that they can manage their pain on their own when they are not with the physiotherapist.

Part of the job that physiotherapy services have is to ensure that the patients are given the knowledge that they need to take care of themselves in addition to continuing to work with a physiotherapist to help themselves experience a smooth and complete healing and pain management process.