Some people believe that a locksmith is someone who can pick locks, or someone who can cut you a new key. But there’s much more to it than that. Keep reading to learn 5 interesting facts about locksmiths.

1. Locksmiths don’t keep a copy of your key.

Some people are concerned that when they hire a locksmith, they might keep an extra copy of their key. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. A professional locksmith would never risk his livelihood, reputation, and business on keeping a key to your house.

A locksmith is simply not interested in entering your house. He deals with keys every day, and your house is one of many houses he’ll work on that day.

It’s also important to note that the locksmith would have to cut an extra copy in order to keep it — normally, the locksmith cuts the key from a tracing of the original. In order to make two keys, the locksmith would have to cut it twice. If you’re ever concerned, ask to watch your locksmith cut your keys. You’ll see that it’s impossible to keep a copy without cutting twice.

2. Locksmiths can be available 24/7.

Many professional locksmiths offer emergency services on an on-call basis. If you’re locked out of your house at 2am, you can call a locksmith to let you in to your house. Some locksmiths even offer emergency services at no extra charge!

Most locksmiths do work regular hours, but simply make themselves available for emergencies. That means sometimes you’ll be directed to your locksmith’s cell phone in the middle of the night. Like an on-call doctor, your locksmith is prepared to get out of bed and help you get back into your house.

3. Locksmiths are multi-talented.

Locksmithing is not as simple as picking locks and cutting keys. A professional locksmith combines the skills of carpentry, engineering, mechanics, and security expertise to deliver impeccable service.

For example, the average job requires the locksmith to make decisions about the security needs of the property, choose the right locking equipment for the job, understand the mechanisms inside the lock, and install everything correctly. This is just one of the reasons you need a professional, and can’t do it yourself.

4. Locksmiths also work on safes.

Many people own a fireproof safe or a vault where they store important documents and valuables. A locksmith can install a safe in your home so it functions correctly and provides you with security and peace of mind.

Locksmiths can also break into a safe if necessary, for example for a police investigation. This is an exciting aspect of the locksmithing profession.

5. You can’t do it yourself.

Some people think they can order a set of lockpicks and learn locksmithing on their own. However, locksmithing is much more complicated, and it involves a lot of specialized knowledge and equipment that would simply be cost-prohibitive.

On top of that, lockpicks are considered to be restricted equipment only issued to locksmiths. Think about it: if the average person could easily learn to pick locks, the locks on your front door would be useless! It’s important that lockpicking is only learned by licensed, insured, and bonded professionals.