Families spend most of their time going in different directions with very few moments to come together. Everything from work and activities to sleepovers and field trips, each family member has their dance card full on both sides.

There needs to be one day a week when everyone stops their frantic scattering and makes some memories together with the entire brood. How about Sundays? It’s the perfect day of rest before the week begins again, so start a tradition of Sunday, Funday.

Now, what do you do on that day? Here are 5 Sunday family outing ideas you can start this weekend.

Idea #1: Transport day

This is a great Sunday family outing idea because it isn’t weather dependent. Write down different modes of transportation on little pieces of paper and have the youngest family member draw one from a hat. Whatever is picked is how you are travelling for the outing that day. Then you plan a fun event or two around it.

If it’s on bikes, you could ride to the local park or the beach for fish n chips by the pier. A bus will take you to the museum or downtown for window shopping. A boat means you could go fishing or take a ferry to a close-by island for adventure. If it’s a train, book a short sightseeing trip in the mountains or on rapid transit to the other end of town.

Don’t include the car unless it’s raining because you use that every day. You may have to drive to the boat launch or train station, but that’s not cheating as long as you use the chosen transport for the outing. This idea will open up so many fun possibilities.

Idea #2: Sports

Pick two different sports to take on for your Sunday Funday. They should be different, so everyone has fun. Also, try one indoor and one outdoor to enjoy the best of both worlds.

You could have hiked in the morning followed by bowling in the afternoon. How about swimming and tennis. Skiing and last tag. Basketball and pingpong. You stay out all day, so pack the clothes and supplies you need and picnic lunches or pick a restaurant everyone loves.

Idea #3: Shopping mall

I know what you are thinking. Nothing could be more boring than shopping all day. Remember, this is Sunday, Funday, so you are not there for clothes or school supplies. It’s all about family fun.

Places like the Newmarket Mall offer plenty of recreation, entertainment, and shopping destinations. Play some games while at the mall. Here are a few ideas:

  • Find The Mannequin: Take turns hiding in plain sight at a store by standing rigid by a clothing rack. Decide on several stores at one end of the mall and see how fast you can find each other. Take turns and laugh.
  • Buy The Cheapest Items: Give everyone $5, and it is their job to buy as many items as possible. Meet up at the food court in an hour and count up everyone’s spoils.
  • Picture Scavenger Hunt: This one uses everyone’s smartphones. Make a list of hard-to-find items and have all family members go find them. Meet back in an hour and see who has the most items found with pictures as proof.

Besides the games, it’s rare to get everyone at the mall together to buy the kids something special they want. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just special. It’s also a good time to team up on the grocery shopping. That can be fun for kids if you give them small lists and let them go around with their cart.

Idea #4: All-day backyard

This will need to be on a sunny, warm day. Make a plan including lunch and dinner and various activities and games to entertain the family until sundown. Then when it’s twilight, have a movie set up with a sheet and a projector so you can watch movies outside.

Build an obstacle course that everyone has to compete in and a building project using lego, wood or anything else you can find. Play music, put on skits and even have a fun sing-a-long. This will be a memory-making event and one that the whole family will request over and over again.

Idea #5: Animal alphabet

This is a fun one you can play at the zoo, the aquarium or even a museum. Give everyone a pad and pencil and work in teams at the venue. See who gets the most letters filled in and celebrate with a lunch out afterwards.

You’ll notice that these aren’t the typical outings families do. That’s kinda the point. You want to have a blast and make memories and, above all, laugh because there is nothing better than seeing the whole family with smiles on their faces. Turn your lazy Sunday into Sunday, Funday and enjoy spending time together as a family. The one thing you can never get back in time so makes the most of it before it disappears.