Locksmiths do more than make copies or your keys and other mundane tasks. Drawing from home security knowledge, a Toronto locksmith works to keep burglars out of your residence. Burglars and other malicious persons continuously seek to break into properties. A good lock and other security measures could make their jobs anywhere from extremely difficult to outright impossible. Here are four ways these pros make the work of a criminal tough:

1. Suggest the best lock for a door

Advertisements sell homeowners on all manner of different deadbolts and traditional locks. A personal opinion from a smith staring right at the door carries more weight than generic advertising hype. A professional can make suggestions based on the type of door and other factors. Matching the best lock to the right door may boost security reliably.

2. Screen out locks that aren’t up to the task

Criminals generally know what locks are the easiest to break. Older locks, for example, may not give a determined burglar much trouble. A homeowner probably won’t look at an old-but-functional lock and see any deficiencies. He/she could fathom anyone busting the lock. What’s the reason to worry? Worry about the burglar’s talents with picking and prying locks.

Security-skilled locksmiths see things from the perspective of burglars. They can assess an older lock. If the old lock represents a security flaw, the pro will likely recommend an upgrade.

3. Add locks to secondary entry points

Burglars often enter through a rear or side door. Less chance of detection exists when avoiding the front door. That is not to say they never go through the front door. Nor is it to suggest they won’t attempt to go through a seemingly out of the way second-floor window. Maybe they’ll even try to go through a small bathroom window on the first floor. The truth is you never know where a burglar chooses to enter. So, why not secure as many entry points as possible?

Again, don’t make assumptions about anything’s security potential. The latches on a bedroom window may seem secure to the homeowner. He/she can’t make a professional assessment though. Perhaps the windows require a serious security improvement. A locksmith can deliver on those useful improvements.

4. Determine other problems besides the locks

Installing an industrial strength deadbolt lock on an old door with weak hinges might not do much. Improving the locks does help, but the door’s deficiencies undermine security. A locksmith could point out severe problems with doors and windows. Based on his/her professional assessment, the homeowner can take additional steps to enhance security. Locksmiths could help in that regard as well. Many services also offer security door sales and installations. The next step might involve investing in cameras and alarms.