A variety of different people rent furnished apartments — from busy businessmen, to college students, to caregivers, there are many reasons someone would choose a furnished rental. Keep reading to learn more about 4 types of people who rent furnished apartments Montreal, and see if you can spot yourself!

1. Career-focused individuals

When someone is focused on their career, they’ll do whatever it takes to get ahead in the business world. Sometimes, your boss will ask you to relocate, either temporarily or permanently. Other times, you may get a job offer that’s far away from your current place of residence.

When moving for work, many career-focused individuals will seek out furnished apartment rentals to see if they like living in the city. Choosing furnished apartments also means you won’t have to move heavy furniture, and it makes moving around a breeze.

Another reason career-focused people choose furnished rentals is for business trips. These short trips may last 1-2 weeks, and it’s nice to have the comforts of home, such as a fully-stocked kitchen. Many companies who rent furnished apartments out offer short-term stay options.

2. University students

Many parents dread the idea of having to move their college-aged children’s furniture from apartment to apartment throughout university. For students, a furnished rental can offer all the comforts of home without the need to be responsible for your own furniture.

Furnished apartments are a good option for a student whose family lives far away, who wants to be able to move around with ease, and who doesn’t want to have to choose and move furniture.

Furnished apartments are often available in studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3+ bedroom units, meaning you can still live with friends if they’re also interested in a furnished rental.

3. Caregivers

Often, children move away from their parents’ hometown when they become adults. This means when their parents get older, the children may have to come back to town to care for their aging parents.

If someone in your family is going through a lengthy treatment, a surgery recovery, or simply needs help with day-to-day tasks, you may be considering moving into their local area. However, you’re likely not ready to drop everything and move your whole life nearby. Furnished rentals are the perfect in-between option that’s less sterile than a hotel room, but with less responsibility than moving your whole life to town.

4. Travellers

If you want to try out living in a new city, what better way than to rent out a furnished apartment? Renting a furnished apartment means it’s easy to move cities, because you won’t have to move any furniture with you. You can also live a more “nomadic” lifestyle while living in furnished apartments, travelling from city to city to live as you please.

You can spend some time in a furnished rental before you decide to take the plunge and move your belongings to town. You may even find you prefer avoiding the hassle of owning and maintaining furniture!