Along with all the excitement of finally moving to your next new home comes the stress of trying to get ready for the big day. There will be plenty to do with organizing, packing, and cleaning the old place as well as scheduling a mover and preparing your new home for setup. To offset some of the tension and anxiety that comes with a major lifestyle event like moving, try the following tips before moving day arrives.

1. Prepare in advance.

Don’t wait for the last few days before the moving company arrive to get organized. Start weeks in advance to eliminate accumulated junk, pack up everything to be transported, and making final arrangements for pet care, change of address for mail, and final utility bills at your old residence as well as scheduling utility turn-on dates at the new home.

2. Take a day off.

Schedule a non-working day before the move to just relax. Plan a long weekend getaway or just hang out at home, but do something that is fun and relaxing. You will feel your stress levels decrease as you take the focus off your upcoming move and put it on yourself and the family for some much needed down time. Even a half day is better than none if you cannot get away for a full day or weekend. When the day of the move arrives, you’ll be rejuvenated and energized, and ready for action.

3. Keep in touch.

Although your relocation might take you away physically from friends and family, there are plenty of ways to stay connected through social media, telephone face time, and occasional visits. Make plans now to get together with your loved ones after you have moved and settled into your new home. Getting caught up on visits now and scheduling future contact will provide support and encouragement for the move ahead.

4. Have a party.

Plan a low-key get-together at your old place before moving or at your new residence after the move. Invite old and new friends as well as relatives and neighbors to celebrate the special times you have enjoyed together. Keep it light with catered food and minimal decorations to avoid the stress of planning a major party being added to your moving activities. Commemorating past, present, and future relationships and fun times will help to make the move even more memorable.

It is easy for anyone to get fragmented when planning a household move. That is why it is important to include some fun times to celebrate both old and new homes while staying connected to people you value and getting the grunt work out of the way before the big day arrives.