A house does not usually need new locks very often. Fortunately, when they must be changed, the cost is not prohibitive, and the work can be done fairly quickly. Here are three reasons for changing your home door locks at each entry point, including the front door or main entrance, a walkout basement if you have one, and a rear door or side door.

1. When You Move Into a New Home

If you move into a newly-built house, you may feel the current locks are fine. However, if several builders and contractors had a key to the house while working on the property, it may be wise to get new locks installed. When buying an older property where previous residents lived, it is always a good idea to have the locks changed, as you don’t know who all may have a key and try to use it sometime.

2. When Locks Become Loose or Damaged

It is not uncommon for a door lock to become unstable when the door knob comes loose, and many homeowners attempt to tighten or repair the lock themselves. If they have the right tools and know how to do it, that can work. But if the lock still jiggles or you are not sure how to repair it, you should consider calling a professional locksmith to change the lock so it doesn’t loosen up again. A lock that repeatedly loosens up can weaken your security defenses against intruders who try to break in. Don’t take chances if your lock is not secure or damaged in any way.

3. When Your Home’s Security is at Risk

If you have evidence that someone has tried to break into your home, or if your property has been vandalized or broken into, changing the locks is a good idea. Although the criminals might not have tried entering through a locked door yet, they could try that option next time, especially if your door locks are older and if you do not also have a dead bolt on each door. Unless your locks are clearly up to date and remain strong and effective, consult a Toronto locksmith about the advisability of updating or replacing your current door locks.

4. When a relationship dissolves

Even if a marriage or relationship ends on good terms, it is often advisable to change the door locks in case the housekey gets lost or into the wrong hands. Of course, you can request that a key be returned, but there could be copies.

Ask a locksmith about door lock products that might be a good fit for your house. It is always better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to home security.