In familial disputes, namely divorces, it is often difficult to make decisions that everyone can agree on. It can also be hard to determine which person is right or wrong in these situations. In these instances, it is crucial to hire a family lawyer that help settle these disputes and inform each party of what the law says their rights are. The following is a list of four reasons you should get a family law attorney:

1. Offer mediation

Prior to deciding to get a divorce, a couple can seek mediation provided by an attorney. The attorney will listen to each person’s views and attempt to help them come up with a plan that satisfies both of their wants before dissolving the marriage. Many people also opt to get mediation from an attorney because they can give advice from a legal standpoint in case the couple wishes to move forward with divorce proceedings.

2. Help initiate divorce documents

In the event that mediation is unsuccessful and a couple wishes to proceed with a divorce, an attorney should be contacted as soon as possible. Divorce is a long, legally complex process that requires a number of documents, so an attorney is essential. The lawyer will draft the request for divorce with the terms the individual wishes to have included in the divorce decree.

3. Assist with child custody arrangements

In many cases of divorce, there are minor children involved and their care is a priority. An attorney can help decide the arrangement of where they will live, how parents will exercise custody time, and when important days, like holidays, will be spent with each parent. If needed, the amount of child support will also be figured out at this time. Lawyers want to make sure this decision is as fair as possible so the child(ren) can continue to have a healthy relationship with each parent. Find more insights and resources available at Matrimonial Home.

4. Give guidance on prenup and postnup agreements

In addition to divorce decisions, the division, or lack thereof, of each person’s assets can also be determined by a family lawyer. A prenuptial agreement typically states that each person is only entitled to their belongings they had when they entered the marriage, should it dissolve. A postnuptial agreement usually determines what each spouse has the right to if a marriage ends, like alimony, for example.

If you are considering a divorce or need assistance with child custody, contact a local family lawyer today. They will work to make the best arrangements for both you and your family.