Many homeowners try to fix plumbing repairs themselves. Rather than call a professionally trained and licensed plumber, they will check online how-to websites for tips on repairing or maintaining their home’s plumbing system, sometimes forgetting that online advice often comes from people with even less experience. Here are four reasons to call a plumber, even if your home doesn’t have an immediate water problem.

1. You may have an undetected leak.

Most leaks start small and sometimes go unnoticed for long periods. Over time, your home can be damaged by corroded plumbing fixtures and unseen water trickles behind walls or under flooring. Escaping water, even in small amounts, can lead to expensive repairs. A plumber Toronto can find and fix even small leaks to get the problem under control.

2. Unseen mold may be growing.

Where there’s water, there may be mold or mildew. Some types don’t need leaky water sources to grow. They can develop from humid or damp areas of the home that the owner may be unaware of. Mold is often unseen, growing in dark or infrequently used spaces in the home, such as the basement or attic, or behind walls and under floors. An experienced plumbing expert knows where to inspect a home or office building to find possible sources of mold and treat them before the problem begins to impact residents’ health.

3. Plumbing equipment may need updating.

Aging water pipes in an older home may need to be replaced. Galvanized steel was widely used in the past, but it can rust and become corroded, eventually leading to leaks. A plumber can pressure-test the home’s pipes and if needed, reline them for continued use. Older pipes can be replaced by newer plastic or copper pipes. Formerly popular two-inch pipes can be replaced by the growing need for three-inch pipes to maintain better water pressure.

4. Your plumbing may be ready to break.

Creaking, dripping, or rusted bolts on existing water fixtures should be checked and replaced as needed to prevent a sudden breakage that will release lots of unexpected water into your home at inconvenient locations. A thorough inspection can head off the problem before it becomes an expensive repair.

Don’t wait for an emergency to call a plumbing company. Contact one today to keep your home’s water system working as it should. An inspection along with any needed minor repairs can provide peace of mind and optimum water usage.