You’ve explained your moving plans, set a date, and confirmed the services to be performed by the expert movers. But have you covered all the necessary bases? Here are some additional points that you may want to double-check before moving day arrives.

1. Schedule

While the moving day start time and estimated arrival at the new location have been established, what about other schedule variations during the move? Have break times and a lunch period for the moving team been added to the schedule? Have you arranged your schedule to be available to monitor and assist moving activities as needed? For example, you might want to board the pets, take the kids to a play date for the day, and plan meals to coordinate with the movers’ work at the current residence as well as the new one. You could print an agenda or itinerary to show the movers so that everyone knows where you will be on the moving day.

2. Insurance

While insurance is usually discussed up front, give careful thought to any valuables the movers will handle, along with specialty items like heirlooms or delicate pieces of furniture, along with collectibles. In addition to regular insurance coverage for moving your household items, be sure the movers’ contract includes provisions for items that may have separate or added value, such as pricey collectibles or things requiring special handling, like a gun collection or a stocked wine cellar.

3. Unloading and Setup

These services are usually included in the contract, but certain provisions may be needed. For example, depending on the type of move you are making, and the extent of your furnishings, will a mover need to unload car parts in the garage if that is a family member’s hobby? Potted plants, transplanted shrubs or flowers, and other less common items should be indicated in the contract to avoid last-minute questions or uncertainties. Although the typical mover will set up a bed, a dining room table, or other similar furniture, be sure to ask about items that not everyone has, such as a large folding dog cage for the family pet, a baby crib that needs to be assembled, and other complex items.Β For further information, visit Hudson Movers for more insights and resources.

4. Amenities

The moving company will explain anything clients should provide, but usually not much is requested. However, it is helpful to have cold bottled water or soft drinks available, or hot beverages in cold weather. Snack foods for movers’ breaks are usually welcome. A wash room for cleanup, first aid for minor injuries, and a toilet as needed may be expected or will be appreciated.

Be prepared by asking about these and other concerns before signing the contract to save time, money, and frustration.