Every professional real estate agent knows what sells best. Homes with the right features sell faster these days. If you’re having trouble selling your property, then this article is for you.

Things Home Buyers Want:

1. A Single-Family House

Most homebuyers are on the lookout for a single-family home. They don’t want a condo or a townhouse. Instead, they want a property of their own. And older buyers specifically prefer a property with a traditional look and feel. There are resources available at Chestnut Park for more information.

2. A Ranch-Style or Contemporary Home

Today, ranch-style home designs are growing in popularity. Most home buyers want a single-floor, open-plan ranch home. Ranch-style homes are by far the most highly sought-after property type by buyers of all ages. Other styles of home that capture the interest of home buyers include contemporary homes, craftsman homes, and colonial homes.

3. Privacy and Spacious Property

One of the reasons why home buyers seek a real estate agent help is to get a home that best suits their needs regarding space and privacy. When you ask most buyers why they want to have a home of their own, a common response is that they are seeking privacy and space that they won’t have to share with other people.

Most families with kids are looking for a family-friendly property. They want a place that will fit not only their lifestyles but also their family needs.

4. Beautifully Designed Kitchen

A large percentage of buyers want a home with an amazing kitchen. A beautifully designed kitchen increases the value of a home and sells your property a lot faster. Many real estate agents will tell you that kitchens can make or break a sale of a home.

If your kitchen looks old, a little renovation will go a long way in enhancing its appeal to buyers.

Things Buyers Don’t Want:

Now let’s find out which features buyers don’t want when searching for a home.

1. A Multi-Family Property

Many buyers dislike multi-family homes. Only a few are interested in becoming landlords. One of the reasons for this is to avoid the hassles of dealing with troublesome tenants. Not only that, they lack the much-needed privacy they seek on this type of property.

2. Mobile Homes

Most buyers are not interested in mobile homes, even though they are more cost effective than traditional single-family homes. Yes, mobile homes less expensive, but the downside is that you don’t own the land it sits on. Also, mobile homeowners have to pay for lot rent, making it an unwise investment, particularly for those on a small budget.

3. Office Space

Not everyone wants office space in their home. Despite a significant increase in the number of people working from home, only a small percentage seek out homes with office space.

4. Less-Favoured Style and Design

If you have a home with an unusual architectural style and design, chances are it might stay on the market longer than expected. Most homebuyers prefer a home with a more familiar architectural style such as craftsman, contemporary, ranch, etc.

Because every market is different, it’s imperative to consult a trustworthy real estate agent to determine what buyers want and what they don’t.