Today, corporate housing is becoming one of the hottest trends on the market, and more providers are now offering fully furnished apartments for extended corporate stays. The duration can last from anywhere from one to twelve months, making it a convenient option if your employees travel often and for long periods of time. Here are some of the benefits of corporate housing.

1. Work/Life Balance

Today, people travel for many reasons be it for vacation, or in search of greener pasture. For those travelling for work, they seek a comfortable place to stay that will offer them the right work/life balance. They are constantly in search of furnished apartments that offer modern amenities that not only help boost their morale and productivity levels but also make them feel at home. Basically, they’re seeking a place perfect for self-care. They don’t want to feel like they’re working 24/7 because they’re aware from home for work.

Some of the facilities and features of furnished apartments include furniture, Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen, and more. Overall, corporate housing offers a homey feeling. It has a different feel when compared to a hotel room. There is no better way to enjoy the comforts of a home away from home than to go with fully furnished apartments when on a business trip.

2. Amenities

Business travellers are looking for accommodations that will meet all their needs, both when they’re working and when they’re not. Furnished apartments Montreal come equipped with convenient amenities like fitness facilities, security, laundry, etc. Business travellers are also seeking high-speed internet access, conference room access, printing services, and more as they need to stay connected at all times, both for work and pleasure. The good news is that most furnished apartments have all these and many more amenities including housekeeping and maintenance service.

3. Community

Many business travellers seek to socialize after work hours are over. They enjoy interacting and exploring in their leisure time. For this reason, corporate housing providers are now creating shared spaces that are designed to create a small community and bring together people from different parts of the world. It’s a great way to make new friends and meet likeminded people with similar interests. Today, corporate housing providers are starting to incorporate facilities like coffee shops, barbeque areas, outdoor terraces and other areas where guests can socialize and meet other people. This is indeed a great way through which modern corporate houses help business travellers maintain a good work/life balance.

4. Building Lasting Relationships with Businesses

Another benefit of corporate housing is that it helps strengthen the relationship between the housing provider and a company. This makes things easier for the company, particularly when considering relocating a large number of employees to a specific destination.

Furthermore, employees will have peace of mind as they are more familiar with the housing providers. Also, employees will rest assured that they have proper insurance coverage and have access to amenities and facilities in the building. When it comes to business, trust plays a key role. Building trust with your corporate housing provider can make a significant difference to the benefits your employees receive when travelling, which can’t be said for booking hotel rooms.

People travelling for business have quite a few options when it comes to where to stay. Choosing corporate housing over other accommodation options like hotels will greatly benefit you and your employees.