Are you a mom or a dad who’s looking for a great place to settle your family? Maybe you’re a new parent and you’ve never thought much before about living in a more family-friendly neighborhood. Maybe you’ve been a parent for a while and now that it’s time to move, you want to make sure that you go somewhere that’s great for your family.

Whatever the case, we have you covered with this list of several neighborhoods in Calgary that just might be exactly what you’re looking for. Few things are more important than family–or making sure your children are safe, protected, and ‘planted’ in a place where they can grow, learn, play, and generally lead a happy life.

Here are the ten best places to live in Calgary for families:

1. Arbour Lake, Calgary

Are you looking for a welcoming environment that’s not too far from the center of things and has plenty of great shopping, dining, and educational opportunities nearby? Then why not settle down in the Arbour Lake area?

This great Calgary area has parks, eateries, schools, and even downtown Calgary all within reach. You’ll be able to play outside with your children, go to work, and go out to eat all within a less than half hour radius!

2. Beltline, Calgary

Another great place to live in Calgary for families is Beltline. If you’re interested in a neighborhood that’s close to the fun while still maintaining a great, encouraging atmosphere in which to raise kids, Beltline could be a great choice. There are many Beltline homes for sale at affordable prices.

This neighborhood is situated near downtown Calgary, as well as many great restaurants (perfect for a fun family night out). In addition, this vibrant young community could have families like yours to hang out with and get to know!

3. Brentwood, Calgary

Maybe trendy eateries and a fast pace aren’t so much your thing–maybe you’d like to raise your family in a neighborhood that’s more connected to nature. Sound like you? Why not check out homes in the Brentwood neighborhood.

There’s a beautiful park nearby (Nose Hill Park) where you could take your family on picnics and walks. And if you’re still a city girl (or guy) at heart, downtown Calgary isn’t that far away!

4. Scenic Acres, Calgary

Following right on the heels of Brentwood neighborhood and Nose Hill Park is Calgary’s beautiful Scenic Acres neighborhood. The name really says it all, as this area is filled with gorgeous parks that you and your family can roam to your heart’s content. In addition, this neighborhood is considered quite safe–which is more reassuring than ever when you’re a parent, right?

5. Discovery Ridge, Calgary

This is a fresh new neighborhood that houses many families and plenty of beautiful parks. Discovery Ridge is another neighborhood that’s known for being safe, and that’s definitely a big draw when you’re choosing a good area to raise a family. It has good proximity to the airport and great food options nearby as well.

In addition, once you and your family have explored the wonderful parks and outdoor spaces around Discovery Ridge, you can head over to the Westside Recreation Center to enjoy other activities that will keep your child or children busy, happy, and active no matter the weather outside.

6. Acadia, Calgary

Is your family high energy and excited about sports and burning off steam? Acadia could be just the place for you! This fun area is full of opportunities to practice different sports and get involved with child-friendly activities.

There are plenty of stores and shops that are quick and easy to drive (or maybe even walk) to. This is a comfortable, great neighborhood to raise a family in.

7. Strathcona Park, Clagary

As we continue with the theme of neighborhoods that are rich in outdoor space, we have Strathcona Park (again, the name kind of says it all). Not only are there safe, beautiful outdoor areas to explore in this neighborhood, but there are also plenty of education options and quick access to downtown Calgary. What more could you ask for?

8. West Springs, Calgary

Are you looking for an area that has some good schools for your child or children? Then you may not want to look any farther than West Springs, which boasts easy access to more than one educational institution.

In addition, you’ll be able to take advantage of other easy-to-reach spots in the area that are great for both kids and their parents–restaurants, play places, and more!

9. Huntington Hills, Calgary

This is another great Calgary neighborhood if you’re looking for good education options, a beautiful connection to nature, and so much more. This is a family-oriented neighborhood that would be pretty much perfect for any new or more established family that’s looking for a great, energetic neighborhood in which to raise their kids.

10. Parkland, Calgary

The Parkland neighborhood does have a good focus on children and offers activities that are geared toward them. In addition, many Parkland homes come with bigger yards that are great places for your children to blow off steam if you can’t always take them to the different events and activities offered around/near the neighborhood.