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Simply Sourdough, just $0.99!

As hard as it initially seems, you can actually bake your own bread. While some bakers can make elaborate and difficult breads with complicated recipes and processes, it doesn’t have to be that way. This book is about bread as it was meant to be: simple, uncomplicated, natural and risen with wild yeast. All you need to start is some flour, a little water and this booklet. This booklet provides instructions for catching and maintaining a starter and several recipes for baking with it complete with photos illustrating each step of the way. There are even instructions for adapting commercial yeast recipes for sourdough. This easy to read, easy to understand guide will help you to start baking your own all natural breads using only wild yeasts.

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The Nourishing Diet,  $2.99

Have you been considering making the change to a more nourishing diet? The perception is that the nourishing diet is too difficult to understand but the truth is that the principles are time-tested, scientifically proven, and have traditionally been accomplished by people all over the world in many times and places. If you have been worried about how to get started, this easy to understand booklet is the introduction you need to what the diet is, how to practice it and where to find more information so you can get the best start possible. This twenty page booklet features color photos, an active table of contents and active links to two dozen free resources including free downloadable cookbooks. 

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  1. I have just followed your recipe for sourdough pancakes and it was absolutely delicious!! I cannot recommend this book enough!

    1. Thanks, Claire! Those pancakes are a regular around here and the kids' favorite for Friday lunches.

  2. I met your mother when she brought her CRV in for service. She told me about your site. I have recently (over the last few years) developed soy, gluten and dairy allergies myself, so I am SO interested in your books.
    I am anxious to pick them up!

  3. ...they say you should ask a BUSY woman for looks like you are an expert on did you figure it out? (I am trying to write a Byzantine ABC book)

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