Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ology product review...

I was really happy to do this review! Walgreens has launched a new line of products for person hygiene as well as household cleaners that are green, paraban free and gentle which can compete with similar products but at half their costs. Their new brand is called Ology and you can read more about the available products HERE. I got a chance to try some products of my choice and I wanted to let you know what I thought of them. If you have not been to a Walgreens recently, you might be surprised. They now carry the Unreal brand of candy with no fake ingredients, visit the candy's website HERE. They also now carry a growing selection of homeopathic remedies, which means when a kid wakes up with a wicked cough at three in the morning and you are desperate and the only thing open in Walgreens, there is something you can do. And yes, I speak from experience. Recent experience.

Given I do not use a lot of cleaning products, period, because I prefer to keep things simple, I choose products for which I am not totally thrilled with what I am using or for which there are few alternatives. I use a lot of Dr. Bronner's and he is awesome, but he stinks at dishes, windows and laundry as well as baby shampoo (he makes the babies cry, literally). So, this created the list of products I wanted to try. The new Ology line does not include dish washing detergent (heads up Walgreens, I'd love to see some!) but it does include a glass cleaner, laundry detergent and baby shampoo so I decided to review those specific products.

The baby products were very important to me to try. Above you can see the photo of the baby shampoo in lavender and chamomile and the matching baby lotion. They retail at just about $5 each in my local store though at the website right now they are $3.99 which is a screaming deal. Take a look at the prices of the competitor's shampoo and lotion prices in the photo below.

Their prices are between ten and eleven dollars each making the Ology line less than half. I think a lot of times consumers continue carry on with toxic products simply because of the price point difference and the difficulty in locating products in their area. Walgreens is ubiquitous, you cannot go very far away from Walgreens and since the price is so affordable is makes it a lot easier to make the switch to healthier, safer, greener products. I think one of the most important issues to deal with in reducing chemical load is to remove the barriers parents have to safer products, specifically the barriers presented by price point and broad availability.

I really do like the baby shampoo which not only did not cause tearing but it also does not smell overwhelming. I really hate when personal grooming products cause you to reek for a ten foot radius which happens all the time with regular drug store products. The last time I washed my hands with Softsoap lavender I could not wait to get home and wash it off. What is more, is that about half of my kids gets eczema and I was a little worried that this might not work with them. I was pleasantly surprised that the most sensitive kid in the bunch emerged from two weeks of bathing with this perfectly happy and clean and no scales or hives in sight. I am planning on switching from our current product which costs twice as much. In the end this is a basic baby shampoo but with not pthaltates or parabans or weird hormone disrupting chemicals it gets an A+ from me.

The next product that I tried was the laundry soap. I am keenly aware that the bottle on the right looks awful but since I was there, I snapped it. Sometimes bottles look like that when the staff hasn't had a chance to clean the shelves and since it was so close to Christmas the staff was worn down and super busy. Forgive them. Anyway, Ology also makes a fabric softener but since this tends to coat towels and diapers (in order to make them low static and loftier) which makes them less absorbent. This is not what I want in diapers or towels. I also use cloth napkins and bar towels rather than paper, so I have a lot a kitchen laundry. I decided to skip that once. There is an unscented and a scented version of the laundry detergent and I always choose unscented for laundry. I typically use Country Save, which is a powdered soap and very affordable but I thought I would try the liquid Ology brand. Good news for cloth diaper users: it contains no optical brighteners or enzymes which are big no-no's.

So, I did use my phone to snap that picture of the label and it is not the greatest but you if you can't see it, let me know. I will put the full ingredient list up as well as the ingredients list of each of the products. I checked out each and every ingredient in them to make sure they would work for diapers and with two weeks of diapers behind me I have no beading on mine. I never make laundry detergent, the ones which call for grated soap will ruin your diapers as will the ones which call for castille soap. There are just some things I am okay with buying and laundry soap is one of them. This detergent is clean rinsing, causes no obvious residue and is affordable and green. The laundry detergent get a gold star from me.

The last product I tried is the glass cleaner. Dr. Bronner streaks windows like saliva. It's very, very bad. You can clean small areas of chrome with vodka or witch hazel but it becomes cumbersome and expensive when dealing with say, a glass patio door. You can also use a spray bottle of distilled water with a drop or two dish soap in it. I currently use the Costco brand but I am moving six hours away from Costco and need to rethink my current product. While Ology does not make a dish detergent (ahem, yet), they do make a glass cleaner which works well, like glass cleaner should. Again, works well, as well as the chemically brand but is not the chemically brand. This green glass cleaner gets a high five from me.

So, these products are BPA-free, paraban-free, pthalate-free and not tested on animals. What is the big deal about the chemicals found in so many other products? They are hormone disruptive and have been associated with increases in cancers. You can read more about reducing your risk HERE at Healthy Child, Healthy World. You can find out more about what chemicals are present in your own grooming supplies and just what you are exposing your children to over at the Environmental Working Group's fantastic site "Skin Deep" found HERE.

Now for the obligatory small print stuff: I was not paid for this review but was provided the product of my choosing free of charge with no obligation to provide a positive review  My review was sponsored both by Walgreens and the Healthy Child, Healthy World campaign, which you can visit HERE. In fact, not only can you visit but you should because they offer great resources and information as well as opportunities for you to get involved in actions which will reduce the chemical load in our children. They rock awesome.

Have you seen the Ology brand products at your local Walgreens and have you tried them yet?

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  1. I really want to see a list of those ingredients for all 3. I've been researching different soaps and whatnot a lot lately, and haven't found a single baby shampoo that fits my criteria. We've switched to homemade soaps and vinegar rinses which work really well for all of us. As for the laundry detergent, does it have any fragrances? Also, I know you're not thrilled with the trend of using vinegar in every day cleaning, but really, when it comes to glass, it has always been the ticket, so why worry about buying a cleaner you already have? I add a few drops of EO (like tea tree or orange or lemon) to cut the vinegar smell, and even Joey doesn't complain. (and you know how much he HATES the smell of vinegar) Better yet, make your own orange oil infused vinegar with orange peels and save the money on E.O.'s. I just made an AWESOME batch of all purpose cleaner using warm water, a little dish soap (not Dr. Bronner's for the reasons you listed, just cheap-o Sprouts brand. I buy the plain and add my own oils. This one was lemon and Tea Tree I think), a good "glug" or 2 of infused vinegar and some homemade Theive's oil. I don't have to tell YOU why there's Theive's oil in it.... that stuff will kill the plague. Literally. And since that's what we're fighting over here (less literally) that's what I use!

    1. Anonymous11/01/2015

      I have multiple chemical sensitivities and can't use anything with a smell. I used to use vinegar to clean my windows and mirrors but now use peroxide and it is much better and it has no smell at all. Plus it is a disinfectant. It works great on car windows and does not leave streaks. When you first start to wipe it off, it will look like it is going to leave a grease film but keep buffing and it will look beautiful.

  2. Anonymous12/28/2012

    Why no enzymes?

    1. Enzymes are a common additive because they break down organic stains into different amino acids, depending on which set of enzymes are being used. They also tend to leave a small bit of residue which can have the unpleasant effect of causing or worsening diaper rash because your kiddo's bum is organic in nature.

    2. What is wrong with using vinegar to clean? I'm curious because that's all we use and dawn (I know I know, but I have my reasons). I'm so happy these have a good review I really really want to like it, I'm out of detergent for my cloth diapers and have nothing else. Thanks :)

    3. What is wrong with using vinegar to clean? I'm curious because that's all we use and dawn (I know I know, but I have my reasons). I'm so happy these have a good review I really really want to like it, I'm out of detergent for my cloth diapers and have nothing else. Thanks :)

    4. Kalea,there is nothing wrong with vinegar it is just that it is not a surfactant as so it does not clean well. It does a great job on glass and it does remove mineral build up but it won't perform well on greasy surfaces.

  3. Christy12/30/2012

    Just curious if you have looked into phenoxyethanol and decided it was safe? I have seen a few opinions on both sides but haven't had time to do any in depth research!

  4. Anonymous4/23/2013

    Are ology products residue free?

    1. Some are, the glass cleaner is and I am fairly certain that they laundry detergent is. It worked great on our cloth diapers and I am pretty picky when it comes to those. Is there a specific product you are interested in? I can talk to the company for you?

  5. Anonymous4/29/2013

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Anonymous6/11/2013

    ology toilet paper is fantastic!

    Strong..( even stronger than Scott, my #1 choice ) soft, less needed, really stands up, lasts a longtime.

    I am thrilled! Got mine on sale yesterday at Duane Reade – 4 rolls for $1.99.

    Very happy with this development. It’s a real WIN-WIN.


  7. Anonymous6/12/2013

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  8. Anonymous6/12/2013

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  9. I purchased the Ology liquid bath/body soap and it is awesome! I occasionally have trouble with breakouts and this stuff cleared up my skin almost overnight. Definitely looking forward to trying their other products.

  10. Anonymous7/31/2013

    I am really impressed with this line. everything smells fantastic and has cleaned very well.

  11. Hi Melissa, thanks for your review of Walgreens' Ology brand products. If you don't know already, Walgreens now carries the Dish Liquid by Ology. Just got mine today at a Walgreens in Fort Worth, Texas, for $3.99 (24 FL OZ). Being gluten free, I am always looking for safe, xhemical free cleaning and health and beauty products. Ology Dish Liquid states that has noharmful chemicals, is fragrance free and plant based and safe for the family.

    Distrbuted by Walgreen Co, Ology Dish Liquid's packaging states that it is proud to feature the following non-harmful ingredients:
    Aqua (Water)
    Sodium Coco-Sulfate
    Lauryl Glucoside
    Cocamidopropylamine Oxide
    Sodium Chloride
    Sodium Octyl Sulfate
    Sodium Propionate
    Ciric Acid.

    Although I was unable to find the product on, you can contact Walgreens directly to see if they carry Ology Dish Liquid in your area. I am going to try the product rhis week to see if it is an answer to safe, chemical-free hand dish washing as I do not have a dish washer.

  12. Anonymous3/30/2014

    Were all these good with your kids with eczema? My son has it and I have the all purpose cleaner and bath cleaner. I'm interested in trying the laundry soap but I'm always scared trying new things with him.

  13. Anonymous4/28/2014

    You can rinse your clothes in vinegar instead of leaves your clothes soft and static free. No, there is no smell of vinegar left on them.

  14. Anonymous5/07/2014

    Hi Dyno-Mom, You said, "The new Ology line does not include dish washing detergent (heads up Walgreens, I'd love to see some!)" .... I found that "Nice! Dishwasher Packs" get an A on EWG.... I haven't done my homework like you have on all the ingredients but that works for me.

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