Thursday, May 3, 2012

Real food with no prep...

When you are trying to eat a nourishing and traditional diet, one of the thing that tends to stymie people is   dealing with those occasions when you have no food prepped and you still need to eat. There are still a wide variety of foods which need little to no special preparation. The foods which require the most and the longest prep are pork (which should be marinated or cured without nitrates/nitrites, see HERE) and grains. Knowing that, you can open your fridge and pantry and make a quick meal based on just what you have available. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Coconut milk smoothies. When you are out of yogurt, coconut milk is satisfying and easy and provides lots of healthy fats to keep blood sugar stable.

Tapioca pudding. Tapioca is already processed so it does not need to be processed again. I make it in chocolate HERE and butterscotch HERE and Cheeseslave makes an easy coconut milk one HERE.

Atole, a Mexican corn porridge. Mexican corn meal is properly processed to begin with and the Bob's Red Mill brand is a clean one. You can find my recipe for atole with fruit HERE.

Bacon. Bacon is ready to go and can be chopped when it is still frozen making it a great emergency meal starter. Our favorite ways of cooking it are HERE and it often makes its appearance in soups which has the advantage of using bone broth. See my soup tutorial HERE.

Nuts. Sometime we just crave crunch and when we can't have grains, using nuts can give us the same feeling. I chop crispy nuts and add to pasta (use white if you can't get soaked) and salads and to soups.

White rice. This took some getting used to because I had such a dedication to keeping my kids diet free of polished grains but a little white now and again is better than fast food. Sarah Pope, a WAPF board member, had a lot to say about choosing white in this post HERE. I also use white rice noodles in my quick and easy Filipino noodle dish called pancit, recipe HERE. Skip the noodles if you are grain free. I make a kicking stupid easy red curry and coconut chicken using a prepared jar HERE but sometimes make Sarah's HERE.

Pan roasted veggies. These are quick to throw together but are really good. HERE is how to pan roast almost anything.

Coconut flour pizza. I know it sounds weird but it works! The Healthy Home Economist's recipe is HERE and Food Renegade's mini-pizza version is HERE. Speaking of coconut flour, you can use it to make salmon cakes from canned salmon, see this WAPF chapter leader's recipe HERE.

Eggs. I keep bringing up eggs this week but they are inexpensive, quick, easy and nourishing. This post HERE has links to my best egg recipes.

What do you serve when you are short on time and have nothing prepped?

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  1. Anonymous5/04/2012

    Great ideas, all! Some others we use:
    1. Soup (with that broth that's always going...I use chopped veggies and meat...or blend chopped veggies (such as carrot/celery...butternut squash...carrot/cauliflower with the immersion blender and put a dollop of yogurt/sourcream ontop, for those that can have dairy.
    2. Our bjs (like costco) carries wild, US salmon & scallops, so I keep them in the freezer for emergencies.
    3. The place we purchase grass fed beef has burger patties for the same price per pound as the ground I can grill without even forming patties when in a real rush. I try to get some every week b/c there's always at least one night things get crazy!

    1. Deah, I LOVE having burger patties! That is a great deal! Also, I love that you blend the veggies. I am going to do that.


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