Thursday, April 26, 2012

Party food tips...

I have been meaning to get more done here on the blog this week, but I have been slowed down by family business. Plus, some loser got a hold of my debit card number and while it was caught immediately, I have to wait for my new card. This means running to fill the tank means going to the bank which is a hassle. Especially when you are trying to plan a party. We have also had some menu changes. My oldest decided he wants to switch it up and have mole con pollo. So, I will be cooking tomorrow and I will have photos and Twitter updates and post about what I am making for the graduation. It involves a sourdough Kamut cake with soy-free chocolate ganache, red pepper sprouted rice, mole con pollo which is a spicy chicken dish with a gravy, sprouted wheat tortillas made with lard, refried sprouted pintos with bacon and lavender lemonade made with sucanat. Who-hoo, we will be ready to celebrate this graduation real food style! Plus, I am getting set-up for a first communion party the following Saturday (for which I sewed a lovely dress, pictures to come).

But since I am unable to do a whole lot of fresh writing today, I at least want to give you some pointers on parties. So, here are some links to previous posts all or kinda about party food:

  • What to eat at parties? HERE is a post with lists of foods you can easily choose at parties that are healthier choices along with links to recipes for things you can take to parties which are fun and friendly and not freaky-hippy to the degree no one will eat them.
  • Need some cookies for a party? HERE is a recipe which  I made up when I was short on sprouted flour for my usual cookie recipe. It worked so well that it is now my regular sugar cookie.
  • What are the wonderful things you can do with bacon? HERE are my favorites. What does bacon have to do with parties? What doesn't it have to do with them?
  • A friend and I cooked for her brother's wedding and it was a blast. How did we do it and what did we serve? Find out HERE.
  • And last but not least, one of my favorite post is HERE and is all about what you find in my WAPF kitchen that makes it different from a SAD neighbor's. I loved reading about what other people had in their own kitchens. It made me feel less unusual.
See you tomorrow!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your card. Your menu sounds amazing!

    1. I go the call as I was walking into Costco with the oldest. Geez! I was so glad that I did not have a full cart, though. It could have been worse. And the menu was great and we thoroughly enjoyed it!


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